Mod Lovin – Carbon Fibre from Abbott

I’m loving this…..

Abbott Racing in the UK have two new products available for T7 9-3 and 9-5 vehicles.

They’re carbon fibre engine and DI covers, and they look sensational!


Click here for the product page.

The components are priced at £179:00 for the engine cover and £119:00 for the DI cover.

These Products Are 100% Carbon Fibre, 199GSM, 2X2 Twill, T300 3K Carbon, Autoclaved At 120 Degrees C To Formula 1 / Aerospace Standards, With A High Gloss Finish, We Have Worked Closely With A Leading Composites Company To Produce These Items To An Exceptionally High Standard.

Please Note: These Are Pure Carbon Fibre, Not Moulded ABS Plastic With A Carbon Look.


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  1. While these look pretty, they are probably the most useless parts Abbott came up so far. I admit I don’t care for appearance mods, although I can understand while someone would want a fashionable engine cover ;].

    The DI cover though is not just useless, it might be potentially harmful. The metal surface of the DI cassette works as a radiator for the electronics inside the DI (not a very efficient one, but a radiator nonetheless), and the cover blocks the air from reaching it, trapping more heat underneath.

  2. jwalanky: I might be looking into doing a carbon fibre dash upgrade.

    I was going to start a little business for bespoke car styling modifications, and was starting with oddments like the mirror casing covers and the spoiler. But have also been looking into interior mods as well. And a carbon fibre effect dash is on the list of possibilities.

    Things have been put on hold for a little while on this project though as the wife is expecting our first baby and I have been hunting for a new work contract (which I have now got 🙂 ), so I can start to look into these things again now.

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