Mod lovin – crazy 9000 Aero

I was first introduced to this car when I prepared the entry about the NWSOC meeting earlier this month. This 9000 Aero actually belongs to the host of that meeting and she – yes, she – is a Saab modding freak!!


A regular at The Saab Link, Kaylan not only drives Saabs, she works with them too at a local Saab dealership. They’re in the blood, you could say, as her mother works there too.

They recently embarked on the Ice Experience in Sweden and their story is going to appear in the next issue of Nines magazine. What’s more, Kaylan’s 9000 was due to be committed to film last Sunday for a new tuner’s TV show called Driving Sport TV. If I hear about when it’s airing I’ll let you all know.


That’s the car. This is one seriously worked Saab, as you’ll see. The thing that first caught my eye when I first saw it was the front grille. It’s based on a unit called the F:Racing grille, which I’ll confess to knowing nothing about. Apparently it was quite popular for a time with the 900/9-3 tuning crowd. Here’s an example she provided for me via email:


Kaylan’s taken some inspiration from this and crafted her own grille, including the eyebrow units that go down to some Euro-spec headlamps.

Kaylan has a website with plenty more photos available and a full list of suppliers and links.

Here’s the mod list…..which kinda makes my Viggen wishlist look rather petty.


– GT3582R Ball bearing turbo
– NIRA i3+ stand alone engine management system
– Performance transmission
– Limited Slip Differential
– Sachs 600nm Pressure Plate
– Stainless steel clutch hose
– Oil catch can with K&N filter
– Stainless steel exhaust manifold studs
– Silicone coolant hose kit
– 210R dual red cooling fans
– Wide band 02 sensor
– Custom stainless steel header
– Custom 3″ Turbo back exhaust
– Custom 3″ Intercooler piping
– Custom 4″ intake w/ K&N filter
– MagnaFlow 35171 Oval exhaust tip 3″ inlet
– Huge FMIC 12″x32″x3 1/2″ Custom welded around headlights
– Custom performance radiator with built in transmission oil cooler.
– Relocated oil cooler with stainless steel lines
– Bosch 044 fuel pump
– Tial 44mm Wastegate
– Tial 50mm BOV
– Pocket PDA with bluetooth for NIRA
– ECTC sensor. For NIRA
– Trionic 7 Black Direct Ignition
– Drive belt Short belt for NO AC
– All vacuum lines replaced with silicon hoses
– Polished valve cover


– Dampers “shocks”
– 40mm Drop Springs
– Polyurethane front wishbone rear Bushing
– Polyurethane upper engine mounting kit
– Polyurethane Gearbox Mount
– Front strut brace


– Abbott Racing brushed aluminum door sills. “Special Reserve”
– Carbon Fiber door trim
– Custom red leather inserts in door panels
– Motorsports seat mounts
– Carbon Fiber Status seats
– Takata 5pt CF camlock racing harness with gell pads, Custom welded eye bolts for mounting points
– Passport X-50 Radar Detector
– Dual A-Pillar gauge pod covered in black leather with red stitching. Passenger pillar covered as well.
– Autometer CF ulralite Boost + A/f Gauges Cardomain store
– Nardi Hub Adapter
– Carbon Fiber ‘JET’ series steering wheel
– Carbon Fiber quick release hub
– Carbon Fiber black pedals
– Carbon Fiber dash kit
– Black shift knob
– Airbag swap for glove box
– Custom floor mats
– Swapped stock aero wood dash for a black dash


– 17″ saab 9-3 “double three spoke” wheels
– four lug to five lug adapters
– Carbon Fiber hood
– Red hood pins for CF hood
– Fiberglass grill – eyebrows + open body color mesh
– European headlights
– Bridge Spoiler
– Viggen antenna
– Tinted Courtest lights
– Tinted Tail lights
– Clear side indicators
– Clear front corners
– Painted mirrors body color
– Painted Wiper arms and boots body color
– Painted Door Handles body color
– De-badged
– Viggen Badges (black and silver)
– Chrome Washer Jets
– 3rd brake light decal “AERO”
– Abbot racing decals

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  1. Swade, that last photo is from Saab-Scot, the club here in Thailand. That is a thai car with the full F:Racing kit, which is very similar to the viggen kit, probably the closest one ever produced. That kit is very popular here, I don’t think ive seen a ng900 here without one. I would be curious to know how she was able to score the grill. I know that many people here have been interested in exporting that kit, especially to the US, but it hasn’t happened yet. Either way, that kit in full is fantastic.

  2. Kaylan you *rock star*

    I’ve had a chance to ride in this thing, and I definitely had to change my pants afterwards ;-).

  3. Do I see a 9000 with the double three spoke wheels there? With five wheel bolts? The 9000 was originally fitted with 4 bolts, right? Looks awesome, anyway.
    Greetings Martin

  4. Kaylan is the kewlest! She might even be the next member of the Saab Performance Drive team – watch out!

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