Mod Lovin – Darth Vader’s Viggen

You remember that NWSOC meeting earlier in the month with the beautiful timber home and all….those….Saabs? The guy who let me know about all that was Tim S, and he’s got a car that’s well worth showing on it’s own (Flickr).

This is Tim’s 2002 Saab 9-3 Viggen:





Tim’s already done the ritual first-up Viggen mods that I’d like to get to in the near future. Here’s the list so far:

18″ Ronal LZ Eleganz w/ Ecsta SPT rubber
Forge BOV
BSR 3″ Downpipe to sport cat and catback
Abbott Viggen Rescue Kit
Poly bushings
Cone cold air intake

Mesh grill and air dam inserts
Window tinting

All tan leather interior
Carbon Fiber dash replacement
Hardwired for Valentine 1 radar detector (no visible wires!)

And here’s the wishlist for the future:

6-point subframe brace
Rear sway bar
Some stereo speaker upgrades.
Clean the engine bay!!

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s got the 6-point subframe brace already. I’d be very interested to hear an objective opinion on it and how much it really stiffens things up. I know a few Aussies with Viggens and Aero 9-3s and maybe a few of us could save some freight getting a batch over if it’s a worthwhile unit.

Anyway, the last point on Tim’s list was to clean the engine bay. presumably that would be so that it matches the rest of this extraordinarily clean car.

Look at that shine! Those of you who own a black car can appreciate the work that went into getting dripless reflections like that.




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  1. I love everything but the wheels…I think it would look badass with stock Viggen wheels, only black chromed (though I’m sure that’s monstrously expensive). I wish I had a Viggen :p

  2. I’ll admit I am not 100 percent in love with the wheels. They were on when I bought the car, and the stock rims need a complete refurbishing.

    I definitely need to replace the stock springs and shocks… I think that’ll lower the car enough to eliminate the extra ride height that the 18’s give the car.

  3. Expensive doesn’t really mean anything. I think that those wheels look a bit too flashy for the car. I like the fact that they’re black, I just think they look out of place on a Saab.

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