Mod Lovin – Frisco 9-3

The month of Saab mods continues. I’ve been a little slack on this with the new photos emerging, but I’ve got some absolutely brilliant modded Saabs coming up.

Before I get on to this one, I’ve got an addendum to a previous entry – Steve B’s Silver Sled. Steve writes in comments:

It is about to get a brand new 16V 900 crate engine (NLA from Saab either!)… the crate engine has never been used and has 0km on it! Try to find one fo those now!

So with the body in such good shape it will be like driving a brand new one back in 1988!

What would you give for a HOT Aero with zero mileage on the engine??


So, for today’s entry….

Some people are after maximum horsepower from their Saab. Others are quite happy with the pretty-darn-decent output straight out of the box.

Either way, if you own a first generation 9-3 then one thing you should be modifying before you do anything else is the suspension setup. Too much engine for the car, especially if it’s tweaked.

Whether he’s going to tweak it or not, David W from San Fancisco. He’s even put it in “Bring Back the Hatch” mode for us!


David’s suspension work includes some lowered Eibach springs and a thicker rear sway bar, which he says really makes the car ride a lot better. Having been in Richo’s Viggen with a thicker ARB I know what he means. David’s also planning on adding some Bilstein shocks to better compliment the springs.

But that’s not all.

He’s also put a Saab sports exhaust on the 9-3 for some extra aural sensation, a black chrome grille for some class – and my favourite – a carbon fibre dash inside.

That’s one nice unit.


This is the month of modified Saab lovin. If you’ve got one I need your good quality pics and you’re story.

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