Mod Lovin – The Godfather

This month we’re celebrating those Saab nuts who love to take the understatement and make it even more understated by increasing the amount of wolf under the sheep’s clothing.

Earlier, we took a look at a car called the X-Treme 9-5, owned by one of the moderators over at Saab Central – Chris 9-5. Well, Chris also has another car, called The Godfather. It’s another 9-5 sedan – a Vector with a 2.0 litre engine. It’s a 2002 vintage and whilst it’s not quite as complete a mod-job as the X-Treme car, it’s still quite a beast in it’s own right.


Here’s the list of modifications for The Godfather.

* Custom NORDIC Software producing over 375 BHP with 495 Nm of torque

* Hybrid TD-04HL 18T 6# Clipped Vane Turbo

* Modified Fuel Injectors (Nordic)

* 3.5 Bar FPR

* Abbott Racing Intercooler

* Abbott Racing Delivery Pipe

* Abbott Racing Race Catalytic Converter

* Abbott Racing Full 3″ Stainless Steel Exhaust

* Genuine Saab Huge Intake (Cobra Pipe)

* Custom Fuel Rail

* Saab Racing (Ray Yang) Lightweight Crankshaft Pully

* Forge Dump Valve

* Ram Air Open Air Filter

* Full Hirsch Suspension

* 18″ Stienmetz Alloys

* Brembo Four Pot Front Brakes

* All work and fabrication by Weston Moore at Nottingham Saab


Go read that top spec again. 375bhp and almost 500Nm!!!

That’s 150hp more than the Viggen. I cant imagine how the Viggen would handle under that much load, whch is another reminder – if you’re going to do this sort of stuff, mae sure you don’t build it so there’s too much engine for the car. In this instance, Chris has installed a full hirsch suspension kit and bigger front brakes so that he can keep hat massive output under control.

Here’s some more pics……view the full gallery here.


Most of the pics are without the mesh, so I’m unsure if it’s still on the car. Certainly stands out on the black model and quite like it.



Quite a few Abbott logos hanging around in here…..



Here’s another one, on that fat intercooler….



And check out the color co-ordination….and the reflection!



Hiding behind bushes looking for unsuspecting 530s to embarrass…


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  1. Stunning! What a muscular stance and yet dignified – a classic Saab indeed. Liking the rims, not soo sure about the mesh, but it’s a beauty!

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