Monday Morning Quick Snippets

So what do we all think of them new 9-3 tail lamps?

oh dear god please let that be masking.

I think they are quite bold and unique.

Might be ok on darker colours but not as pictured

and my personal favourite:

Well, according to the spec sheet it has a Skatteuppgifter and no Utredning. What a relief!

As I mentioned in the post itself, if these are the final product then they’re certainly going to be controversial.

Thanks to Marcus and ctm, news in that Teknikens Varld have another photo of the same car, this time on the road. I think the fence photo was a bit clearer, though.


It appears the Saab Performance Team have been in China recently….these Flickr photos as tagged as if they were taken in Beijing.

Click to enlarge….

beijingSaabkid.jpg SPTbeijing.jpg


Last weekend saw the Saabs @ Carlisle event in Pennsylvania.

Ryan from SaabHistory popped along for a look and shot some photos while he was there. The black 99 on “Highway 99” looks like a killer!

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  1. Just looking at that 99 and there is something quite striking about it. Have we got a bit carried away with ourselves on what we think a Saab should look like? The 99 is probably regarded as the ultimate Saab and now just look at the amount of chrome it has. Small in detail but it’s everywhere. I need to be thinking this car when I see the 08MY for real.

  2. “oh dear god please let that be masking.”

    that was me. and i stand by that. it seems to me that if these taillights make it to the final product, all the beauty of the righteous new front end will be cancelled out.

    i’ve been thinking of it as 9-5 syndrome. the car is 98% perfect but the 2% that isn’t (you know which part i am referring to) manages to negate the rest of the car.

    i never want to see Saabs blend into clone status — but just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s good.

  3. and this comment “Well, according to the spec sheet it has a Skatteuppgifter and no Utredning. What a relief!” was mine, and I stand by that too.

  4. That’s Gary Stottler’s black 99 turbo, you’ve already drooled over pictures of it from SOC ’06.

    It’s nice to observe the consistency in your tastes.

  5. Look’s a little too heavy on the mascara.

    More like a prom date from the 80’s.

    Scrap it please. Keep the clear look, but make the surround red instead of that dark garbage. It makes me cringe.


  6. What’s all the fuss about? Maybe the new taillights would be better-looking if they were overall black or opaque white rather than clear, but don’t the much-loved frosty lights of the current SportCombi have the same black surrounds?

  7. Honestly, it sounds like a bunch of winers about the new tail lights. They look just fine. And they look just as saab as any other saab. there. all there is to it. I must say though that the black part surrounding it should be body colored. that would make it amazing. I swear, I know that saab isnt supposed to blend in, but so what. Maybe blending in may get us some good press. Then we can afford to turn it around on the press and start being really unique.
    Besides, Clear looks very swedish and modern. Almost like ice. I think these tail lights are a 8.5/10.

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