More 9-3 sightings

No photos, but….

This one was sitting in my inbox this evening from a Trollhattan local. Short but informative:


Just met two 9-3 SC’s with a very nice looking glowing white strip above the headlights…..

Dexy’s midnight runners or Saab’s daytime runners? Come on, Eileen!!


More intriguing was this, just in my inbox right now:

I don’t know if I was seeing things but…today I noticed the yellow converts. on your site with the clear tail lights. Now I’m sure I’m not going crazy but last week, walking towards the office on St Georges Terrace here in Perth – the main CBD street – I could swear I saw a red model of the same.

I didn’t notice much else, plates etc as it was early dreary morning so maybe I was just seeing things…could I be right, that rear is pretty distinctive even for 8am! Yup I had thought of taking a pic but it was hidden in traffic by the time I could even think.

That’s from Simon in Perth, Western Australia. Now normally I’d just assume that Simon’s been smoking a little too much of the stuff all those bikies over there are peddling. But last week I also had a report from Richo in Sydney where he thought that maybe he saw one on the Harbour Bridge.

Could there be a couple of these babies in Australia already? Doing product testing for local conditions or something?

Or are we just slotting tail lamps and front grilles in places where they don’t exist?

The mind boggles!

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  1. January of 2006 i was walking down the high street of Orange, NSW and an odd looking car with Swedish number plates, lots of black tape, a Volvo badge and a driver surrounded by laptops and wires on the dash drove passed me. I now recognise it as the C30, that new different looking Volvo. I’d be pretty sure that the new 9-3 has been around in Oz doing testing for a while with all the tape and camoflage on and now getting close to the release date they’re taking off some of the camo.
    Perhaps there’s a prize for the test drivers knowing the worldwide repute of this site and the first test driver who gets snapped in Oz and posted on wins a case of Swedish beer , or whatever they drink up there.:>)

  2. Yeah it was quick but I was so such I sms’d swade. It was the colour that drew my attention. I’ve not seen a dark blue convertible in the current model, infact they’re not available in the colour I saw. It was the same colour we saw in the spy pics of about a month ago.

  3. They must have shipped one to the Oz just because they want it so desperately on the ‘cover’ of the TS. – Well, maybe they should have headed to Tasmania instead – or ?

  4. Don’t know about the climate in NSW, but sightings of those cars in Australia is simple to explain.

    Almost all cars has to be tested in hot and cold climate. Cold climate is usually colder in the night, so it’s not a big problem testing near populated areas that has easy access and good infrastructure. That’s one reason for the amount of testing in northern Sweden.

    Hot climate are harder. As above you need good infrastructure. But you need to test in daylight so you need remote places. Only two places exist. Western U.S and Australia. New Mexico, Arizona,, Nevada and Utah are nowadays so crowded with test sites and photographers that it’s hard to do open road tests there without being spotted whitin 5 minutes. Australia on tha other hand, has all this outback territory with hardly no population. Perfect. Also, during winter season the days are longer in Australia so testing there is more effective half the year. And that area in Australia is about three times the size of the same possible test area in the U.S (about three times the size of Sweden. As a photographer, you don’t want to go all the way down under trying to spot a car in an area as big as that… 🙂

  5. 9-3 the program for -08 (sweden)

    9-3 Engine 2,0t and 2,0T won´t be available. The replacement will be 2.0 biopower 175hp, 300Nm.
    9-3 Aero will have 255hp, 400Nm
    Diesel 1,9TTid 180hp, 400Nm.

    new materials for seats
    new rims, and new colours. xenonlights will follow the road
    XWD from 08/09

    XWD will be optional for all modells…

    more news is supposed to come

  6. Hi Swade, greetings from UK. Now I am in Boston(Lincolnshire). I have few time to connect to the net.

    THe other day one friend of the Club Saab of Spain, said to me, that few days ago he saw a car carrier with some MY2008 9-3 in Spain.

    Another, thing……Emmanuel Garcia de la Peña is the new Quality Department Manager in Saab. Its a Spanish Engineer from the Navarra University and with a IESE MBA.

    In 2005 it was in charge of the Product Engineering in Sweden and since 1992 it worked in the Figueruelas plant.

    Now with its relationship with the Tecnun(University of Navarra) University some students are doing some jobs in Saab.

    I studied during 1 year there, and the University of Navarra is one of the best in the world. The IESE business school are also one of the best in the world.


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