More Convertible Butts!

This has got to be one of those dream scenarios for a car-watcher, hasn’t it?

Peter S lives in Austria and just happened to be going for a nice drive through the twisties when THREE new 9-3 Convertibles came towards him!

…..I saw the front and suddenly I was so excited. I turned the car and followed them for a few kilometers. They had Swedish number plates and all three were Aeros in a yellow like the Viggen was. I think the last of the three had light grey leather seats. The fronts weren’t covered by anything and the rear lights seem to stay as they are.

I took a few pics with my phone’s camera and a movie but you canยดt see anything in the movie. Unfortunately I only have pics from behind. The front looked awesome when they passed me. I don’t know why they had Swedish number plates in Austria but I’m sure they came from Graz.

Too bad that the window is a little dirty. Hope you can use the pics. It’s strange that things like that happen. I first couldn’t believe it.

Can we use the pics? I think we can!!

Congratulations Peter on the sighting and thanks for turning around, enjoying the sights and passing them on.

Looks great in yellow. I miss that color.

Click on any of these to enlarge.






DSC00463.jpg DSC00465.jpg



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  1. Those lights give the car a ‘riced-up’ look that is not remotely attractive.

    That yellow is smokin’ hot though!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So where do I sign up for a job test-driving brand new Saab convertibles in the Austrian mountains?


    And Monte Carlo Yellow, too.


  3. yellow is kind of cool…. Could this mean that the black turbo will be called viggen and be awailable in black and blue, with the convertible being yellow? Was that not the way it was on the OG 900?

    What surprises me thou is the break lights. Was expecting LEDs, but I do not see any when he breaks.

  4. I miss yellow too, yellow is THE color for a sports car IMO. That lime yellow they have now is ugly as sin.

    Classic 900 verts look great in yellow, and so do these…but thank God the US isn’t getting those rear lights.

  5. Nice catch!! Fantastic color!
    And to be honest guys… White taillights on the Convertible and the SportCombi… I really like them! …although I was hoping for something different (more Aero X) for the SS.

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