MY08 9-3: Comment of the day

My personal pick of the comments on the MY2008 9-3 pictures featured here on the site was from PGAero:

Somehow, I am reminded of this quote: “Potential victims will take one look in the mirrors and know, flat know, what is about to happen to them” -AutoWeek.

It was originally said about the 900 SPG/Aero/16s.

I think it’ll also apply pretty well to this, too.

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  1. Yeah, I’m dying over here. Is it May 10th US or May 10 International?

    If international, we should have heard by now, no?

  2. You got it Swade. The face that the ’05 9-5 almost had, and it looks just plain awesome.

    Thanks for the mention. I’ll try to find an original print version of the SPG article… It may have been put into print ads.

    Cheers, and happy anniversary!


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