MY08 9-3 goes public

Sorry for the lateness, but I’ve been attending a family funeral today. Just got home to all this…..


…….And this



Here’s the text:

The new Saab 9-3 range will feature bold styling, inspired by the award-winning Aero X concept car, backed by cutting edge technology for greater driving appeal.

With all-new front bodywork, ‘signature’ lighting, new door panels and rear styling features, the latest generation 9-3 acquires a more focused, assertive stance, reflecting the introduction of technical advances aimed at delivering an even more rewarding experience behind the wheel.

Most noticeable is the sharper frontal styling, which adopts grille and hood themes first seen on the Aero X concept, together with a return of Saab’s classic ‘clamshell’ design. This new ‘face’ is reinforced by other exterior changes that all combine to give the range a clearer, more distinctive Saab identity.

“We are introducing significant developments across three key areas: design, performance and handling,” says Jan Åke Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab Automobile. “The result is a major step forward in strengthening the visual and driving appeal of our core product line-up, which accounts for about two-thirds of global sales.”

The new 9-3 range comprises Sport Sedan, SportCombi and Convertible models, each offering a unique ‘tri-fuel’ engine choice of gasoline, diesel or BioPower (E85). Available in three forms, Linear, Vector and Aero, the range goes on sale from August (TBC).

That’s my emphasis.


Here’s one link,

Here’s another.

And here’s a third.

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UPDATE: The last line in the press release varies from country to country.

The UK version includes an Airflow model, which is a business-only version IIRC.

The US version mentions that it’ll be sold in 2.0T and Aero forms. And there’s no mention of BioPower in the US release.

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  1. “goes on sale from August”, this must be late august as i’ve just been told that the new 9-3 won’t be here in the uk showrooms until september. at least we should get to see it for real in a few weeks time.

  2. I would hardly even classify this as a “press release.” It doesn’t really tell us much, and I’m worried that Saab put so little into sending this out. Do they not believe in the product?

    ..and still no rear or side pics

    …and no mention of the “performance” upgrades.

  3. Or maybe they want to reward those how go to Trollhättan in June? I mean, why give it all away when the is a festival coming up within a few weeks time?

  4. Did I just miss this before… are we getting the old rear opening hood/bonnet back? That is SOOOO cool. Of course there are those that will complain that GM is doing it along the same lines as the center mount ignition and it is “not really a Saab”. Hey, if it takes 1-2 things at a time to get it all back, fine by me!!!

  5. ctm – because if I decide to do European Delivery for a MY07 I have to order it before May 31.

    I was hoping to get all info/specs/pics before then.

  6. @joemama…

    I think this is “news” and not actually a “press release”. Primarily, it is to get you sign up for the newsletter.

  7. Steven, I think it’s just a clamshell-resembling shape but will still open from the cabin end rather than from the front.

    CTM, agreed. The full detail of this car won’t be known until June. This is a teaser to get the official word out, but they’ll hold the goodies for June.

  8. 1. if they can put the aero-x’s “signature” lighting in the next-generation saabs, that would be sweet;

    2. as for the ’08, i like the bar light at the top of the headlights. the aero-x’s bar lights, on the bottom, jutting beneath the side grilles, are cooler, though;

    3. “…and rear styling features,…” to me sounds like the same rear styling + features (like chrome and/or “iced” lenses…). so, i’m not expecting to see anything different in the design; and

    4. the saab “lexicon” is getting better: “This new ‘face’ is reinforced by other exterior changes that all combine to give the range a clearer, more distinctive Saab identity.” no need to go near the “q”-word. distinctive is in; quirky is out. also, the use of “…assertive stance…” (rather than “aggressive…”) is a nice touch. the “velvet- hammer” approach. it’s a good read.

  9. Joemama, I got memo that last day to order euro delivery is may 15th for MY2007 and then MY 2008 orders will start sometime after october first.
    there is a part of that memo:The revised, updated, and much improved IDS (International and Diplomat Sales) program will be announced on October 1. Before this date, European Delivery and Diplomat Sales orders cannot and will not be processed.
    I have one lucky customer that will pick up his 9-3 AERO in Trollhattan during SAAB Festival

  10. jacek – well, if that’s true I guess I’m not doing EDP this year. Might be better – now I can wait to see how the MY08 are and if I don’t like them get a killer deal on an 07.

  11. Nothing at all at 🙁 I haven’t gotten a saab-i yet either. I think it looks great. I like the countdown on the international site and I’m looking forward to the webcast of the design release.

  12. mo: The point of a “refresh” isn’t to introduce crazy new stuff, it’s to update styling and fix little problems. Now, an “all-new” 9-3 with no AWD would be pointless.

    I want SaabUSA to hurry up and put this on their website…Then again, maybe they’re worried about losing 07 sales?

  13. Amazing how those wide chrome surrounds create two different looks with the dark and light colors. I thought that the 9-5 was a little unique that way, but I think that this 9-3 will be, too.

    I like it. Sufficiently Saaby. I may have offered another engine (V-6 turbo) for a hot halo model. Probably with the AWD in 2008?

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