MY08 9-3SC –> LARGE

Thanks to Edu, we’ve now got notice of high-res versions of the previously seen 9-3 SportCombi without watermarks all over them.

These have been served up by Spanish site KM77 and there should be a lot of interest there as Spain overtook Germany as Saab’s 4th biggest sales market in 2006.

I’ve got small, unwatermarked versions below, but go to the KM77 site linked above for high res versions in all their uninterrupted glory. I just can’t host the hi-res ones here as my server will go bananas!





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  1. i just love it..! but it looks like the outer small grilles are fake.. wonder why?

    and it also gets parking-sensors in the front (look closely at the foglights)

    but it still is a stunner


  2. The new front end is actually growing on me the more I look at it. But I’m still turned-off by the amount of chrome. And I still really dislike the rear chrome strip and taillights. Here in the U.S. we’ll probably get regular red anyway. They’d probably look nice smoked, especially on a dark-colored car like this.

    The CGIs didn’t have any chrome around the fog lamps and I think that looked better. Though a total absence of chrome would be too “blacked-out” and blocky-looking, I’d guess. Maybe the Aero gets the chrome surrounds around the fog lamps and the other trim levels don’t?

    Maybe if the chrome were thinner it’d be better. I’d like to see if someone has the time what it would look like (via Photoshop) with the chrome a gunmetal or “black pearl” look. Would it be too similar to the black plastic to stand-out?

    I’m coming around. I’m not hating it, but it’s not going to make me rush out and buy one (like I could afford one anyway…)!

  3. I actually would not be suprised to the new lights (sedan & ‘vert anyway) make it to the States. The biggest piece that was missing from DOT compliance in the (old?) SC tails was the lack of a red reflector for the rear corners. We can clearly see where that has been added in the new light assemblies … (that “strange” little red corner everyone thought was Photochopped at first)

  4. I see what you mean about what looks to be a sensor in the foglight assembly … Could it possibly be Adaptive Cruise Control? 😀

  5. I think those sensors are for adaptive cruise control.


    a) there are only two of them, parking sensors would need more across the front.

    b) Night vision camera would surely only need one lens? And would that not be centrally located?

    c) Laser beams, although cool, would be just too much for the health and safety brigade to cope with. Nothing wrong with laser beams, need something to blast all of those Volvos off the road 🙂 Never did James Bond any harm to have some weaponry in his motor :).

    And Gripen, shhhhh. Do you not remember these:

    Saabs and chrome go hand in hand together 🙂

    And if the door handles bother you that much, I’m sure one could get a set of ’07MY doors and swap them over 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Door handles? Absolutley nothing wrong with these and could only improve on the current model.

    I believe the handles on the current model are tinny and feel they may break easily.

    This looks good but the only thing which bothers me..

    1. The flat top bonnet.
    2. What mechanical improvements have been made to address any reliability issues.

    If there’s nothing substantial happening in the quality/reliability area i will be going with the MY07.

  7. I hear ya, Craig. I’m waiting as well for the official specs, and if there are no quality, radio, and/or interior improvements (even slight), I’ll wait for a killer deal on a MY07.

  8. joe

    Enlighten me on the radio thing. Seen a bit of comment on it. What’s the real issue with it?

    Is it the quality of the system or ergonomics? Its the one area i haven’t paid much attention to.

  9. Craig, I’m not normally given to too much Saab snobbery, but the radio is an exception.

    Have a look at the radio on the 07 9-3 and 9-5 and then have a look at the radio on, say, a Holden Barina (I checked the sedan model, not the others).

    Same unit.

    The pre-07 radio was compromised in terms of sound quality, but it was a distinct unit in a distinct interior. The 07 radio is a GM parts bin special and even though the sound quality is reputed to be much, much better, I don’t think the fascia is something that befits what’s supposed to be a premium brand in GM’s portfolio.

    It’s just a part of the overall interior quality argument that’s going around.

  10. Parts bin? Sounds like echoes of the commodore.

    I get your point. For me though as long this approach is the exception rather than the rule i’ll be happy.

    If they take this approach with the mechanics and other crucial components i think i’ll have to stick with the Euro.

    From what i’ve seen so far this doesn’t appear to be the case. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

  11. Just to add. From discussions on this. If car makers can’t use real chrome (and only a small amount at that) don’t use it at all.

    Its nasty.

  12. The chrome edges on the fog lights do seem a bit excessive. The sedan shots had these parts without chrome and blacked around which looked much better. I will modify this if I get one of these vehicles.

  13. Just a further comment on the exterior design. I was reading a comment from the discussion area which sums it up for me.

    Central to the SAAB image has been an element of visual understatement combined with originality. I think SAAB need to “iron” out some of the edges before the new model can be considered in this way.

    I can see whats important to different people here but “mean” looks are not as important to me as style.

    “mean” looks or bling (as in the current beemer) are synonymous with carjackings.

  14. I read a lot of complaints about the radio on here. While I understand about it not being unique to Saab, it’s an excellent radio.

    I bought an ’07 9-3 SportCombi in April and love the car and the radio.

    It’s insanely simple to use and has a lot of great features like allowing XM, FM and AM presets all to appear on the same set of “tabs”.

    The info button, when on XM, is effective and easy to use.

    And its this simple, easy to use interface that allows you to keep your eye on the road. Something Saab has always been know for.

    IMO the radio is more “Saab like” than this new BMW’d, blingified front end the same complainers are gushing about.

  15. saabster,

    Does this mean that its really not necessary to upgrade the sound package.

    Looking to save money on the options here.

  16. Back when I worked at a Saab dealer, I gave up even touching the radios. Because it took an extra couple of minutes to do anything technical with it.
    Which I’m sure pissed off a few customers, but screw them.
    I liked the old radios because everything was one button/knob combo.

    Also, I noticed ZERO difference between the sound quality of the old radio and the new one.

  17. What Saab has done is sticking an edgy front end on an otherwise flowing and soft edged design. It really messes up the car’s design as a whole. Unfortunately.

  18. I think once the sedan pics come out we’ll have a better idea of the overall looks.

    Anyone else getting tired of waiting…?

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