MY08 Photoshopping

Two people have hit my inbox with photoshop efforts aiming to picture what the car might look like without all that black tape.

This first one’s been done by DJ from the site and emailed to me by one of his colleagues. Nice work….




And this second one was emailed directly by the photoshopper, Henrik N.

Again, nice work.

I can’t wait to see this car, and on that subject – read on….



On seeing the car, I got this very interesting email, too.

….a friend at work just told me she recieived an elaborate shoe box sized package from SAAB USA “a week or two ago.” She had to use her SAAB key (she has a ’04 9-3) to open it. Inside was “a book on the ’08 9-3.”

Can’t wait to see what that’s about!


…..And Rob does a quick job of adding some daytime runners along the top and the inserts in the air intakes.


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  1. We need to get out hands on the car, never-mind the box! This beauty in black with the much-talked-about 300bhp engine. *drooling big time*

    I actually like it better than the current 9-3!

  2. I think the 3rd photoshop (Rob) is going to be the closest, with the more aggressive side nostrils, wraparound lens and turn signals (currently “covered” by grey tape in actual spyshot), chromed-ringed foglight nacelles as seen in the convertible spyshots.

    Can’t wait !

  3. Question is – where is this girl and who’s the source?

    Didn’t someone say press kits were going out soon, like in next week?

  4. I’m on my second keyboard because of too much drool shorting out the previous keyboard… swade can i ask for any compensation?? 🙂

  5. Days linger way too slow… Come the 10th. I absolutely love the looks – even the first pic that is “least new-looking” has me drooling.

  6. ..have they wind tunneled the design with that hood?

    I’d be interested in the comparative drag coefficient.

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