MY08 Saab 9-3 now in Silver

Thanks Gripen for the heads up about these little puppies showing up via SC. I’d heard that silver pics were coming but wasn’t expecting them until Sunday. It seems like Spanish site km77 are intent on trumping folks this week.

Fine with me!

If you didn’t like the BLING factor on the dark 9-3’s we saw a few days ago, then order yours in silver, where the effect is much more understated.







And here’s the dark ones again to show the contrast….





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  1. I like the silver, graphite silver would look even better with the chrome showing through a little… is this a sedan pic?

  2. I’m really happy with the way that front looks! πŸ™‚ But they are playing with us with the rear end. :p

  3. The more i see it, the more it reminds me of George W Bush: A guy in a suit pushing his genitals in front…

    No, it does not match the rest of the car.

  4. Personally I think it looks MUCH better in lighter colors than darker. More blending, less stand-out “bling”.

    I’m REALLY interested to see what it would look like on a dark car with the chrome bits in gunmetal or “black pearl”. I’ve heard you can use that taillight smoking spray they have in Japan (JDM smoke taillight tint) on chrome parts to get that gunmetal look, though I’d be afraid to do it myself in case I screwed it up!

  5. Ken H, we have yet to see the rest of the car.
    How can you be so sure it doesn’t match the rest of the car yet?

  6. Swade,

    Can these pics be considered “official” from SAAB themselves? I thought they were going to release pictures this month as part of a press kit.

    Obviously this Spanish site got hold of some official pictures unless these are some incredibly great Photoshops.

    What I’m asking is for all intents and purposes is this what were expecting to get from SAAB themselves? Is this what SAAB wanted to present us? Will there be an actual official release from SAAB themselves which will likely show different angles of the car (including the rear)?

  7. Al, I think youre seeing shodows there.

    Gripen, these are official pics. They are the teaser images I was expecting to come out on Sunday.

    As I understand it press kits have been sent out to mainstream media outlets but don’t expect to hear anything about it until June 10. They get them early so that they can prepare their print stories etc but have an embargo date where they’re not supposed to print anything before.

    If km77 were an official recipient of press kit photos then I’m sure they’ll get a stern talking to.

  8. I understand why you say it’s not an “homogeneous” design, but I think it’s part of any SAAB: a busy, almost “barroque” front -very detailed and with lots of character- and a smooth, swept, lateral to rear-end…

    It’s a bit the opossite of all the classic CitroΓ«ns: a very smooth front and lateral, and a crazy complex rear-end (DS, CX, XM, C6)…

  9. Ken H, ‘The more i see it, the more it reminds me of George W Bush:’
    You’re right. It does kind of remind me of George Bush: Doing the right things, but terrible at getting the message out, and undermined at every turn.
    Ken, the place for political commentary is not on this site; as a matter of fact, I come to this site to get away from it…

  10. The silver is spectacular! Not only does it tone down the chrome, but sets off the black grills much better.

  11. Does anyone know what the little square cut-out on the bumper is? (Just to the left of the “S” on the license plate.)
    I think that the silver is the sedan as Brian suggests….I also agree that the silver looks better than the dark at least as far as the fog light “bling” is concerned.

  12. Hi Kraig, that cover pops off and you screw a hook in there for towing. Pretty standard stuff on European cars.

  13. The square under the left light is where the tow-eye screws in.

    As for the pictures too much chrome, too much chrome, too much chrome.

  14. Love it. The rather overstated chrome around the fogs on the darker model looks great in this colour. Really impressed so far.

  15. Let’s see this bad-boy in polar white!

    Wait, so now we have to wait until June 10th to see all the rest of the pics?!?!


  16. Ick. I don’t like light colored cars. I loved the black.

    If someone who’d never seen the pictures heard you guys describe the front of the car, they’d think they chrome plated the entire bumper. It’s not nearly as bad as some of you are making it out to be. Sure, the fog light rings are a tad excessive, but the rest of it is great. If you don’t like it, go to a body shop and have them take it off.

    Denvernewbie: If you don’t want politics on the site, you probably shouldn’t have made a political comeback before saying so. That being said…Bush undermines himself, we just laugh at him for it :p I usually try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when your only two vetoes ever are nixing stem cell research and troop funding, it’s hard not to slap your forehead.

    Now that I think about it, a super macho front end IS a lot like cowboy diplomacy…

  17. I love the sliver and black colors. Saab has to have this kind of Aggresive new look to complete with the other Euro. brands please understand that for those who dont like the new look.

    can anyone tell if there are LEDS above those headlights? I hope so, it would set the car off nightly,Especailly at night.

  18. Looks like it’s getting new
    styled door handle.
    The more I see the front, the more I like it!
    Are there any better side or rear photos yet?

  19. While it is great to see any shots of the revised car lets not get too excited.
    I want to see the interior shots before I start to raise my expectations, the one place the current car fall down. All we have seen from offical pics is the front end of one model (unless this IS the standard front end).

    This refresh may just be a new front, rear, more powerful turbo diesel and some trim but until we see photos we just won’t know.

    Remember they are supposed to have made the chassis revisions for the 07 car and you will not see 4wd on this generation of 9-3.

  20. “This refresh may just be a new front, rear, more powerful turbo diesel and some trim but until we see photos we just won’t know.”

    Just? It’s a mid-life facelift on the same chassi. What else do you expect? A brand new car from ground up? πŸ™‚

    “Remember they are supposed to have made the chassis revisions for the 07 car and you will not see 4wd on this generation of 9-3.”

    What do you mean? Every news source say AWD is coming for MY08.

  21. ctm, if this generation delivers awd I for one will be really happy. I will also be intrigued as to how SAAB will be able to install AWD into a platform that was not designed for AWD within GM budget constraints. Think of the cost to add AWD to one low volume model (two if they put it on the Caddy). Just beacuse the media report it does not make it true and if I am wrong, great, and good on SAAB for being able to do it.

    My point about the refesh is have they done enough to sustain the car? A new front is great but what about refinement, dash plastics, technology etc. The refresh should have happened 2 years ago and been seen as a welcome but not monumental change. The 9-3 and Vectra were launched at the same time but the 9-3 will carry on for 2 or more years while the new Vectra arrives next year, so by the time the next 9-3 arrives it will be riding on platform that began development in 2004 /2005.

    Speculation is one of the great things about this site and I enjoy reading about awd and the black turbo but I just hope the new car lives up to expectations.

  22. I didn’t see a connection to Apple, I saw a connection to WHFS [RIP].

    I was gonna call you a geek, ctm, for noticing the Apple connection, but then I realized that I knew exactly what you’re talking about, so I’m no better :p Not that there’s anything wrong with being geeky πŸ˜€

  23. When I look at the silver / crome above the lights it looks as if it could be LEDs?

    It appears as if it is not crome on the outside of the lights, but something hidden inside them.


  24. If I relate the added chrome to the 9-5 about 50% of my customers prefer the darker colour. I personally hate the 9-5 in dark colours. So IMO the silver looks better.

    One thing I am going to offer my customers is to have the chrome body-coloured. I think I could have it all reprayed for about €150.

    The LEDs make me think that Nesbitt has tried to copy Audi.. except It’s only natural for him to miss the whole concept of Saab. We don’t need day-time driving lights.
    Dipped headlights on all the time is fine by me..

  25. The day-time running lights are quite a good thing. on a hot summers day the shimmer off the road can distort on coming traffic, when you have you lights on it makes you more visible. It’s not just a swedish think because of the low sun in autumn and winter months.
    In Austria is now a legal requirement to have your lights on all year round. LED day-time running lights are also accepted. So it’s a good safety feature. they do look ‘cool’ but they also avoid a lot of accidents too.

    My take is, are they required for Saab as you have the whole scandinavian ‘we drive with our lights on anyway’
    So for Saab are they just for show IMO yes they are.

  26. I wonder if they’ll have an LED ring like on BMW’s? The head on shot makes me think that.

    ctm: Nah, a monkey could work an Apple. Using Windows takes FINESSE! /sarcasm :p

  27. I would like to point out that my reference to Mr Bush was not politically motivated. But think about how he walks, and you might see it too. He is ploughing the grounds with his “underbody”, if I may say so… So, it was all about posture and nothing about politics. Sorry for stirring up the party.

  28. this might be a little wacky but all the chrome trim and the downturned big trapezoid below the bumper bring forth just one word in my mind.

    KABUKI!!!!(no idea what it means but it just seems to fit)

    from the silver plastic inlay of the 9-3 aero steering wheel to the outlined chrome dash of the 07 9-3 to this it seems the new design mantra at saab is ” chrome is good”

  29. BMW has presented quite a few clever engine bits in order to reduce the consumption and CO2 emissions. Things like intelligent generators, electric water pumps and ac-pumps, and start-stop function.
    I would have wanted Saab to present things like this instead of a facelift. But maybe it’s only me…?

  30. Have to confess this does look pretty good.

    The in-your-face style doesn’t suit me but it does compete in the BMW style fashion stakes. Is this a good or bad thing?

    Not sure if we should get excited about the prospect of AWD if we’re so conscious of emissions. Do we know yet whether the new 9-3 model will have the engine internals to run on E85?

  31. No Ken H, I have also riffed (here and on SAAB Central) about my disappointment of SAAB apparently not being interested in staying ahead of the competition on fuel consumption and emissions.

    The really sad thing is that SAAB have developed some things that haven’t (yet) made their way onto production vehicles. On the BioPower Convertible Hybrid they had an electric water pump, electric A/C compressor, and electric power steering. Also I don’t know if SAAB has done it, but I understand that some companies are investigating replacing the R134a refrigerant in air conditioning compressors with CO2. From what I’ve read R134a is many times worse as a greenhouse gas than CO2 itself. I’ve also read that CO2 was actually used as the refrigerant in the first A/C compressors, but it fell out of favor with the development of more efficient Freon (which as been phased-out in favor of R134a due to the depletion of the ozone layer it contributed to).

    I would suspect that if SAAB were to incorporate all the fuel economy gains and emissions reductions of the next-gen BMW 1-series (they are just buying a start-stop system “off the shelf” from Bosch anyway) and M3 they would have to sell SAABs for more than an equivalent BMW or AUDI, which would be bad news for SAAB sales.

    Hopefully they still have an eye on these things though as some of their customers are VERY interested.

    I really want to see a SAAB EV (or E-Flex) in my garage in the future!

  32. Craig: I would suggest if you don’t live in an area with heavy precipitation (snow or rain) XWD would be a waste of both money and fuel (not counting high-performance models like “Black Turbo” or Aero). It adds unneeded weight and therefore would get worse fuel economy.

    Where I live I’d be more than happy with a “run-of-the-mill” FWD SAAB with some nice styling.

    As for E85, it depends on where you live. If you live in the U.S. there has still been no date mentioned for availability of BioPower. I’d bet it’ll be available upon launch in just about every other major SAAB market (Sweden, Great Britain, continental Europe, Australia, etc.).

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