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For the benefit of those that haven’t seen it and to celebrate the start of mod-love month here at Trollhattan Saab, I thought I’d bring this one back to the top of the blog.

The filming for this video was done back in November 2006. It features the 2005 Saab 9-5 SportWagon and boy, is it a beautiful car!

The vehicle is owned by one of our local SCCA members, Craig Y, and I’d like to thank him for coming out for the day and letting me do all sorts of things with his pride and joy.

This 9-5 Aero has been enhanced with a Maptun Stage three kit comprising a new ECU, cat-back exhaust and air filter. From memory it set Craig back around A$3,000 for the lot and from what I remember about driving it, it was worth every cent.

Kudos also to resident lens genius, Stu – who has worked some wonders once again.

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  1. Maptun 3 eh? Wow, it looks so innocent from the outside. An unsuspecting bmw guy might be surprised how badly they get beat in an impromptu sprint…

  2. Excellent! It’s interesting but not surprising that the smoothest and seemingly quickest acceleration times are when Craig is driving and he selects neither manual nor sport auto mode but plain old bog standard auto. I find the same in my lowly 185 bhp low pressure MY05 9-5 wagon as the gearbox follows the torque curve so well. The flappy paddles are a dog and are only any good i find for holding a gear downhill while the sport setting for the auto is nice to see Sport in the instrument binnacle but it appears no quicker to me when i drive.

    I eagerly await the end of my factory warranty in a year or so’s time as i fancy the Maptun tuning myself.

    Great vid, the music’s a tad derivative as most of the chill out type tat is but i realise with copyright you can’t just bang on a rock soundtrack. You should delve through the huge classical archives, there’s some real stonking stuff that is hundreds of years out of copyright. where’s this closed road in Tassie where you can get up to 200 kph but somehow run out of road eh? :>)))

  3. great video Steve!!
    Nice sleds too… Alex and I must make our own “mainland” version of teh two 900 Aeros.

    cheers for sharing!
    sab and the silver sled

  4. Great vid guys.
    I see a little of the road to Richmond from Risdon Vale,one of Craigs favourites.He has scared me a few times going over the top of there.
    And i’m thinking maybee the Cambridge airport road , but i’m probably wrong.
    Please tell where was it shot.
    Thats the great thing about C Y too he loves to be unasuming and then trounce the pants off the V8 bogun or snob in the BM.
    Also he loves to drive that car like he stole it.
    One cool customer,Two cool kats

  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks. It was a blast.

    Matt, it was all filmed on Grasstree Hill, except for the closed course, of course.

    He doesn’t drive it much, but when Craig gets it out he certainly doesn’t mind exploring the capabilities.

    Paul, the music’s all loop-based from GarageBand. If I had more time I’d have tried to synchronise it better. It’s not as good as it will get, but it’s about 80% capacity given the resources.

    Steve, I look forward to the two sleds vid, but I hope it doesn’t preclude me from coming over some time and making one as well. I’m enjoying this!

  6. This is top quality Saab stuff.Really enjoyed it.

    Tasmania reminds me of Zimbabwe – great scenery.

    This vid is pro quality. Music’s great but thought it could be faster tempo with the speedy bits- on a closed course – naturally..

  7. hah, why is everyone giving him trouble over the music? I thought it was great. Swade, with that video I think youre giving Clarkson a run for his money, I love the swedish mens club comment!

  8. Great video! Looks like everyone above loved it too, but how come I was the first to leave a 5-star rating and comment? C’mon, sign up with Youtube and give Swade some good feeback!

  9. Great video. It would be nice to add acceleration figures in between each trial. How can I download this to my computer to share with friends. Or is it possible to email the video to:

    I have exaxtly the same model and color including the rear spoiler but different interior. I will soon Maptun my Aero at least stg 3 with FMIC but I also consider stage 4 if it is possible for Autobox. How can I contact Craig for his view on overall performance of Stage 3.

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