Note to Saab: opportunity missed?

I’ve had three different people mail in some screenshots in the last week showing some ads they’ve seen on the web, on this site and on another.

First up, from ctm in Sweden:


Whilst I’m loathe to make any jokes where the word suicide is mentioned, the idea of killing Hummers does have a certain appeal. GM Premium Australia, take note please.

Yes, I’m tempted as always to add them to my ad filter, but then again I’m also happy to have their money to fund future projects for the site.


The second one in came from 1985Gripen in Cali:


Apparently it’s a Caddy video ad showing the usefulness of the line-in plug.

More about this in a moment…..


The final ad was sent in by RJ in Utah. It’s a screenshot from Jay Leno’s Garage and as you can see, Saab are doing some wide coverage of the 9-5 on Leno’s site, which is great to see.

Click to enlarge.



The sight I’m really waiting to see is where someone sends me a screenshot of a video ad from Saab right here at TS.

“That’d just be preaching to the choir” I hear you say. Well, no.

Whilst it’s true that there’s a core readership based around Saab owners at this site, there’s also a heck of a lot of traffic coming from search engines, particularly with the search terms “2008 Saab 9-3”. The other thing is that the general Saab ownership demographic is pretty internet savvy. I don’t know what an ad costs per-click (Google don’t tell you that stuff) but considering how highly targeted a site like this is it’s got to represent some value.

If you’re an advertising buyer for Saab, please consider. I’ll be publishing my monthly stats for May tomorrow morning and I think you’ll find there’s a growing number of Saab-ready people that you’re missing. If you just want them to get my message, then fair enough. If you want them to get your message…..

Right now they’re getting Cadillac’s message.

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  1. Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but lately on TS I haven’t been seeing your embedded pics in Firefox. (Nor in my Google Readern in Firefox.) I have to open the page in Safari.

  2. Interesting.

    Jeff, do you mean pictures within the posts themselves (e.g. Aero-X picture in the Snow Silver posting) or pics associated with ads?

    I always find it strange that some people have trouble with access and others don’t.

  3. In the posts themselves…and it’s hit/miss. Half show up and half don’t. I could see the wallpaper but not the snow silver.

    I use adblock plus so I can’t see your ads. (Hope it doesn’t hurt your ad revenue. Goodness knows I click around this site enough! :p )

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