NWSOC meet

We rarely get numbers and variety like THIS.

The Northwest Saab Owners Club in the US got together recently and it looks like it was quite a gathering. We’ve got a good variety of Saabs here in Tassie, but rarely do they gather in numbers all at the same time like this.

Tim S linked me up with his Flickr set from the weekend. Tim’s ride is the beautifully prepared black Viggen. There’s also a post at The Saab Link covering it.

Great cars and a beautiful spot to have the meet (I love timber houses).

Car Club Life is a wonderful thing…..


The young…..



The middle aged…..



And the old timer…..



The flashy one…..



And the dark one…..



The group…..


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  1. Great cars.

    Is that second one in the ‘middle aged’ pic one of those rarest of rare C900s, the 1986 900S two-door? In the US, the two-door was a one-model, one-year deal. Only offered as a 900S and only offered for the 1986 model year. And it seems that a large number of them were Malachite Green.

    And, I’m very envious of that garage — check out the room!

  2. Wow, what a dream gathering! I see lots of late model Saabs here in MI… it would be nice to get that level of gathering

  3. Hi Guys

    Owner of the ‘dark one’ here.

    Here’s the stats on it:
    2002 9-3 Viggen Coupe
    18″ Ronal LZ Eleganz w/ Ecsta SPT rubber
    Forge BOV
    BSR 3″ Downpipe to sport cat and catback
    Abbott Viggen Rescue Kit
    Cone cold air intake

    Mesh grill and air dam inserts
    Window tinting

    All tan leather interior
    Carbon Fiber dash replacement
    Hardwired for Valentine 1 radar detector (no visible wires!)

    All tan leather interior! I know that there were less than 20 black Coupes produced in 2002 (17 if i remember correctly). So the tan interior in the black coupe has to be pretty rare. I usually only see it in all black, or in the two tone setup. I can’t even recall seeing any other viggen with the all tan interior. I love it! 🙂

    Anyone know how to track down the interior color production numbers?

    Next up:
    6-point subframe brace
    Rear sway bar
    Some stereo speaker upgrades.
    Clean the engine bay!!

  4. that does look like a 2 door c900, however it was not a 1 year deal, they actually imported them in 85 and 86, still though quite rare, especially since most of them have been wrecked ice racing or rallying at this point.

  5. Paul: Even though the C900 two-door was introduced to the US market late in the 1985 model year, I think that they were all designated as 1986. I’ve never seen mention of any 1985 two-doors.

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