Per Eklund starts the season well

It’s fair to say 2006 wasn’t the best year for Per Eklund when it came to racing. I could scarcely find coverage of his efforts, but thankfully Per-watcher Mike Jager has a new Per Eklund News blog an we can all trace his progress through 2007.

Let’s start at the beginning…..

Per has a new car for 2007 and it’s good to see Saab getting right on board. Per is being sponsored by Saab BioPower and Shell Helix for 2007. the previous Sports Sedan was an all-white affair. The 2007 car looks good in red:


As mentioned, 2006 wasn’t such a god year and Per didn’t make an ‘A’ Final in any of the races entered.

The 2007 European Championship started last weekend with the first race in Portugal and it was a straight-up improvement, with Per not only making the ‘A’ Final but getting a fourth place in the final.

The second round of the Championship is in France this coming weekend.

Check the Per Eklund News blog for more photos and stories in both Swedish and English. Here’s hoping Per can have the Saab banner flying a bit higher this year.


I’ll also be providing coverage wherever possible of the Swede Team Motorsport season from Sweden, and the JL Racing season from Canada. Keep an eye on the Saab Motorsport category for coverage.


  1. I hope Per and Saab do well in this, like in the past when they won the championship, but I wonder if they aren’t putting themselves at a disadvantage, competing against significantly smaller/lighter cars. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Saab needs a new smaller version (and soon) before they can be really competitive in rally events like this. I don’t see any Audis or BMWs competing.

  2. Brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Alfa don’t want there image tarnished by “blue-collar” motorsport like this. The reason Saab in Sweden is involved in this (as I understand it), is that the sport has always been popular here. Saab has been successful in the past, but I still doubt that GM see this as something they should be involved in.

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