Peter Gilbert Update

Million Mile Saab owner, Peter Gilbert, has posted an article on GM’s FYI blog and is positively gushing over his new 9-5 SportCombi….

Going to the Detroit Auto Show, where my million-mile SPG was on display, was a very rewarding and exciting day. I felt that GM was real family. Ever since I’ve been driving my new 9-5 Aero SportCombi, I feel the loyalty to the GM family of cars more than ever. With 8,800 miles so far, this flagship of the Saab fleet has behaved flawlessly. It was with great pride that I filled out the J.D. Powers survey in two minutes. They just wanted to know what was wrong, and I enjoyed disappointing them!

Which is all very good to hear. Saab are playing catchup on these US quality surveys so every good report is sacred (cue Monty Python song).

This SportCombi is my sixth brand-new Saab since 1967 and is my best car yet. However, my second car is a 2001 9-3 Viggen. How does one compare these two similar cars that have different roles?

Eh, careful now Peter. You may well be in raptures with your new 9-5 but there’s no need to bring the Viggen into a negative light now…..

A trunk is not the same as a hatch, and this is so important to me, as I have to carry supplies for my sales route. This sports car, which feels solid as it cruises down the highway, hugging the curves like a high-speed European train, is averaging 27.5 mpg city and highway. Every one of my Saabs has attained or exceeded the EPA ratings, which speaks volumes about the engineers who design the engine management systems.

There is an abundance of room, which is noticeable when compared to the 9-3.

I’m warning you…..

Saab seats are about the best in the world – after the 2.5 million miles I’ve driven in the last 40 years, my back is still free from chiropractic visits. I also know how strong these seats can be in a collision, as I was once rear-ended at 60mph, and survived a 55mph head-on. The heating and ventilation is especially pleasant as I have control over my choices, far more than the Viggen.

Right!! Them’s fightin’ words, buddy….

I could write forever, but I have a great deal of preparations to do, as I am going on my pilgrimage to Trollhättan, Sweden, for The Diamond Jubilee festivities in June.



Seriously, it’s great to see Peter continuing to support the brand this way. His story is one of great cars, fierce brand loyalty and endurance – so kudos and more power to him.

Hopefully we will get a chance to meet up in Sweden, maybe at Kinekulle racetrack with me in someone’s chipped-to-260 Viggen and him in a SportCombi….and we’ll compare heater settings.

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  1. Swade, sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown. Lol. I’ll be there to watch.
    Great story…….so far. Robin.

  2. “I feel the loyalty to the GM family of cars more than ever.”
    That doesn’t sound maybe a LITTLE manufactured coming from someone whose million-mile car was unmarred by GM to you?

  3. “I feel the loyalty to the GM family of cars more than ever.”

    This one gives me a rash.
    It would be GREAT to be LOYAL to SAAB, but to GM…

    GemMification is evil…

    Let’s try to be Saab fans, not GM fans 😛

    Br, teager

  4. But he got his new car from GM, right? Seeing how Saab takes care of it’s customers in Sweden, I doubt they would even start thinking in that direction…

  5. Let’s all be GM fans as well as Saab fans, because if we just crap on them all the time, they might kill the brand faster because our crapping might sour potential non-Saabist customers.

    I was a GM fan WAY before I was a Saab fan and I hold them both in equal regard.

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