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Hi All!

It’s anniversary time at our place, so I’m out for dinner and a movie.

Plenty of stuff to check out though – lots of discussion in the comments and all the MY08 Saab 9-3 stuff you could want.


Here’s a 9-List that PT sent me last night. I’ll be driving a BMW 335i Convertible on Saturday and PT, being an X5 owner, has a few things to say about it:


The top 9 things Swade may come to realise while spending a few hours at BMW on Thursday Saturday……

1) This coffee is really quite good.
2) Say what you like, the coupes always look better than the convertibles
3) I really should drive the 530 (with sport pack) while I’m here so I can appreciate just what the 9-5 is up against
4) Oh, is that an M6 over there?…….I’m sorry, what did you say? We’re driving the 33-whaaaa?
5) BMW tragics are no better than Saab ones.
6) This steering is really rather good. The engine’s not bad either.
7) BMW was an aeroplane company too.
8) I’m sorry, that cap is how much? Are you sure?
9) What do you mean [insert anything] is a freaking option?!

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  1. Happy Anniversary m8.
    Love to the misses.
    We had ours whilst up at AGFEST.13 years and counting.
    13 years with a bloodnut I should be getting my medal any day soon.

    Give my regards to Tony on Satdy.The splitter

  2. 7) BMW was an aeroplane company too…….

    Well, I don’t think BMW built any aeroplanes. However they started making aeroplane engines, and I still think they are involved in such activities.

    The blue-and-white roundel BMW logo, which is still used alludes to the white and blue checkered flag of Bavaria. It is often said to symbolize a spinning white propeller on a blue-sky background, although this interpretation developed after the logo was already in use.

    After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles (1919) prohibited the production of aircraft in Germany, and BMW switched from making aeroplane engines to manufacturing railway brakes.

    BMW – Born From Trains ;/)

  3. aheh, nice list of top 9 things.. and im pretty sure they will all go through your head at one time or another. I think BMWs are a lot better cars then we would all like to admit, but even so I am looking forward to your review about the test drive. Perhaps you should let your BMW associate take your viggen for a spin and see what he thinks šŸ˜‰

  4. While we’re pooh-poohing BMW, let me interject one thought: Olav’s comment on their logo maid me do a google image search to see how it compared to the Bavarian flag, and I hadn’t noticed the similarity before (call me quikc). (I always thought that it was a little iffy calling that a propeller with a blue sky background, but then again I also had trouble with those Magic Eyes that were so popular 10-15 years ago.) I also noticed something else — the BMW logo, with its four quarter circle thingies, is quite boring compared to that of a Saab, which features a fire-breathing griffin. Which would you rather have on the hood of your car? I, for one, choose the mythical beast with flames shooting forth from its piehole.

  5. Richard, the boringness of the badge depends on how you look at it. The one on my 1986 635 csi ain’t too boring here

    I love my old 6er but modern BMWs leave me cold. I’m a member of the BMW club here in New South Wales so get to ride in quite a few modern beemers as either a passenger or a driver and rarely do they excite me and more often than not i find them hideously overpriced. When i was shopping for the 9-5 i tested a 530 wagon and as a wagon it was useless with rubbish ergonomics and unpractical in so many ways.Gutless too compared to just the low pressure 2.3 engine in the 9-5 and i just couldn’t fathom out why people would pay nearly double here in oz for the Beemer over the Saab. 2 and a half years later it’s still got me beat.

    I suppose i just don’t ‘get’ BMWs of the modern age in the same way so many people don’t ‘get’ what Saab’s all about. Why anyone buys a 1 series or a 318/320, 520 at the price they are confounds me.

  6. …about BMW and aero-engines.
    BMW has nothing to do with aircraft or engines anymore. They had an joint venture with RR some years ago. But BMW sold their shares. Furthermore, the jet engine and piston engine development of BMW was just because of a take over in the late 30s than BMW aquirred the Northern German engine comany BRAMO.

    BMW was on the other end more involved in railway breakes design;)

    Even Merc could claim being an aircraft company. DC is a share holder in war plane industry (EADS).

  7. Splitter???! Saabologist?
    When did you leave Motors?!

    I have driven Swade’s Viggen sethsev7n, very impressive bang for your bucks, but I’m afraid it is not in the same league in the roadholding & handling stakes. As Swade will find out on Saturday.

  8. Born from trains. love it. And our badge DOES look better, EXCEPT WHEN IT FADES IN THE SUN. Trying living a mile high in a sunny climate. I’ll bet three-fourths of the badges I see on the road (lots of Saabs here) are completly faded. As did the front badge on my 96 hatch 900 SE.

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