Saab 900 Art

Aeronaut was touring around the Florida Everglades looking for bodies at the sights, when this Saab 900 caught his eye.

Fresh from an airboat ride deep in the mangrove swamps of Everglades City we drove even further into the Everglades to a place called Chokoloskee Island, the end of the road.

Chokoloskee Island is an island made completely of seashells by the mysterious and now extinct Calusa Indians. The last thing I expected to see was a SAAB 900s painted as an alligator advertizing the islands only restaurant/coffee house/art gallery/meeting place/internet cafe – Big House Coffee. The key lime pie here is unbelieveable – you gotta have a slice if you ever drop in. The car was painted by an artist, Pippa Brown from Zimbabwe.

This SAAB truly found its own road.

Nice catch! Does this qualify for the month of Saab mod lovin?






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