Saab Desktop Wallpaper No.7

It’s time for another Saab-inspired desktop wallpaper for you computer screen’s edification. The Saab Wallpaper section of this site is really coming along nicely and I’m pleased to offer not one, but THREE different wallpapers in both widescreen and an almost 4:3 size for you to download and enjoy.

These wallpapers have been provided by Andreas R. The car in the image is his own 1989 Saab 900 and he’s done all the photo and artwork himself. These are copyright owned by Andreas and are provided for personal use only, please.

I think they look absolutely magnificent.

Click on each image to load a huge version that you can re-size to suit your own desktop. Widescreen sizes suit everything right up to a 24 inch screen.

Please enjoy, and feel free to pass on your appreciation to Andreas in comments.













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