Saab Desktop Wallpaper No. 8

It’s time for another superb desktop wallpaper, number eight in the series.

This image comes to us from Abery Clark, who was out and about shooting some landscapes recently and noticed this reflective angle on his 9-5. As he viewed the final product he was reminded of some of Saab’s own imagery from the late 1990s and thought he’d send it in for use on the site.

Abery has high quality copies of the image in various sizes available for sale (without the TS mark and credits, of course) if anyone is interested. He can be contacted via email.


These are medium size wallpapers only. Big Mac screens miss out this time.

Click on the image below to enlarge to 1280 x 960


Click on the image below to launch a widescreen version at 1280 x 800



To view all of the Saab Desktop Wallpapers available from Trollhattan Saab, click here.

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