Saab mod lovin – Just another day on the Autobahn…..

Sent in by Ivan.

His mate Anti in Germany in his Saab 9-5 with Stage 3 tuning by Nordic. I assume it was shot with a cameraphone – so who’s got the wheel?!


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  1. Swade – I wished the chap would have sent you a mug shot of the rev counter as well – something is too surreal!

  2. Danni,
    I know Anti who has sent the photo to me for 3 years. I have bought 3 cars from him. He is the most trustable man I’ve ever known. And he is not use to manipulate images…

  3. Ivan – point taken. Actually, I was not questioning his authenticity, I wanted to see the rev counter in all its glory as with my current MY01 9-5 Aero, at 120kph, it burble passess 2800rpm and at at 180kph, it usually nips 4000rpm. What was it at 260kph? And where was the engine load indicator referred to as the turbo gauge (which is really more an indication of the engine load rather then the real thing)? Just interesting to know. I travelled during my sojourns in Germany during the period 1997 – 2000 and occasionaly found myself on the asphalt tarmac called autobahns – got too scared of the 3rd lane from my right, that is.

  4. Danni,
    I’ve talked with Anti just an hour before. He told me that the rev showed about 6000.
    It’s a MY2004 Nordic Stage3 9-5 Aero. Perhaps this newer model has a different transmission ratio at the 5th gear?

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