Saab mod-lovin: 900 Aero

My sincere thanks to Sab for all the bits and pieces here.


I don’t want to be recycling too many cars through this site, but the fact is that many of the cars that have been featured here over the last two years are modified Saabs and are worthy of being talked about a little more, especially during a month based around Saab mods.

This is Steve B’s Silver Sled, which lives in my old home town – Melbourne, Australia – and a finer c900 you will rarely find.

I shared some advice from Hirsch the other day about modifying your Saab. Steve’s got some good advice of his own on his website:

As with any modification to a car it must be running to at least factory specs even before you think about doing any sort of performance upgrade to it.

A few of the things to consider before contemplating upgrading are the following:

* is the timing correct
* are all the ignition components OK
* are all the fuel components OK
* is the turbo charger OK, and
* is the engine generally in good running order as per factory specs and tolerences?

It is crazy to modify a sick or incorrectly running engine, not in the least you will be unhappy with the results, but you could do more damage than good! So follow the steps here as a guide, and if you feel at all unsure, ask questions of your mechanic, performance tech or post a message on the many Saab forums out there.

Do your research and speak with other Saab enthusiasts who have done what you are contemplating, so you can at least work out what it is you need to achieve and steps involved.

With that over and done, what about the car?

Well, here it is….





Steve bought this c900 many years ago and the money he’s poured into it over the years could buy a small Caribbean island. Here’s the list:


* Saab Aero 2.0 Litre 16 valve engine
* Rebuilt Bosch distributor
* Stock Bosch electronic ignition
* SPG9 AID (Advance Ignition Diaphragm) with timing at 20BTDC
* Bougnicord spark plug leads
* NGK BCP7EV plugs
* Aquamist 1S water Injection using 0.9mm injector
* Aquamist DDD (digital dash display) for water injection output
* Crank case ventilation catch can


* 2.5 inch from catalytic converter back with hi-flow racing cat
* 4 inch chrome semi-oval tip
* Hi-flow dynomax stainless steel muffler and rear resonator
* 3 inch split down pipe off turbo to cat


* Mitsubishi TE-05 with 16G compressor wheel with clipped vanes
* Wastegate running 7psi base boost
* Stage 2.5 SPG9 APC running to 18psi boost
* Jak Stoll Performance Talon high-flow side mount intercooler
* 8 inch Davies Craig thermo pull fan mounted on reverse side of intercooler with manual switch inside cabin
* Saab C900 1990+ aluminium turbo intercooler ducts
* Stratmosphere Forge bypass valve
* K&N filtercharger
* Plastic intercooler top air dam

Fuel System

* Bosch 3 BAR fuel pressure regulator
* Trionic 5 34lb injectors
* Jak Stoll Performance Stage 2 ECU chip
* Fuel pressure gauge situated in-line on fuel rail


* Stock Saab Aero springs and shocks
* Stock Saab Aero road handling kit including front and rear sway bars
* Polyair inflatable air bags inside rear springs

Wheels & Tyres

* 16″ x 6.5″ Saab Super Aero rims
* Goodyear Revspec Ducaro 205/50/16 tyres


* Stock Saab Aero factory whaletail
* Saab Aero vent covers (colour coded silver to match duco)
* AutoMeter 30″hg to 30psi boost guage
* AutoMeter air/fuel ratio guage
* Saab factory rear decor panel
* SaabSavior short shifter
* Saab Momo leather steering wheel
* 3.5mm blue silicon vacuum hose
* Saab Aero original Alpine surround sound 5 speaker stereo
* Aero kit colour coded silver to match duco
* Original engine at 305,000km


* 190kW (250hp) at front wheels


Click on the following to enjoy all that engine goodness.


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  1. “Silver Sled” — love that name. I think I might have preferred putting my money into something like this instead of my 04 9-3 SS, but then I wouldn’t want to drive it in the winter salt. Guess the 9-3 SS will do as a “daily driver”;-)
    I think the c900 is the last Saab to have true Saab brand equity. I don’t know if this has been mentioned here before, but I found this older article (June 2005) about building brand equity like Sixten Sason did for Saab, and how quickly Saab lost it once he was gone. I think the c900 was the last car with Sason DNA in the design. This article links to several other articles by the same author citing Subaru as the new Saab — 9-2X owners might agree:

    thoughts on the art & science of bringing cool stuff to life, by Diego Rodriguez

  2. God what a beautiful car it is!!!
    So, I will bite you in the ar*e wicked! Wow!!!!!

    Loving the C900 (OG900)!!!!


  3. Love it!

    Extremely beautiful designed. The C900 (OG900) is a classic and should always be apart of Saab designs.

    In Aero “mode” It looks like something that wants to come and bite you in the ar*e! WICKED!!!!!


    /Tompa (Tom)

  4. Cheers for posting my car again swadey! Damn she is so much fun to drive… nothing on the road looks like it, sounds like it nor drives like it.

    This is one car I will never sell!

    It is about to get a brand new 16V 900 crate engine (NLA from Saab either!)… the crate engine has never been used and has 0km on it! Try to find one fo those now!

    So with the body in such good shape it will be like driving a brand new one back in 1988!

    Will give an update when thats done

    sab and the Silver Sled

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