Saab Oz offer more this weekend

Saab Australia have had a special offer on for Saab’s 60th Anniversary. The offer is available on MY06 cars still in stock here in Australia and comprises a free automatic transmission, 3 years free servicing and a portable SatNav unit.


The fine print:

That initial offer lasts up until June 27 and is available on any MY06 cars purchased before that date.


This weekend only, they’re also offering to pay your on-road costs as well. The initial offer was around $4,300 worth and the addition of on-roads lifts it to around $7,500 in value.

Not bad, that. You still get the button dash, too 😉

IT’S ON FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY – so if you’re thinking of an upgrade, now might be the right time to get your groove on.

Click here for the Saab Offers page or go see your local dealer, (before he splits and goes to sell BMWs – he he)

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  1. I love the flash thingie with the Ursaab and the curent models morphing above the reflection. I’d like to save it but buggered if i know how to.

  2. Nope, i’m all Windoze, Explorer and all that. If i right click which normally gives me a load of options all i get is Setings and About etc..

    Mac’s one of those trendy computers for Saab drivers eh? I miss that bit of the demographic profile:>)

  3. Ah, ok. Then I’m of no use to you. 🙂
    You should work on that demographic profile of yours. 😉

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