Saab reeeeally-mod loving – tow cars!

A couple of shots that have come my way recently…..

This first one is from Olaf and I was actually meant to use it (and some others) during the month of 9000 lovin but I ran out of time and space.

It makes a perfect entry into the months of mod-love, though. And the perfect track-car trailer!



This second one is from my Flickr Feed and should be pretty self explanatory. The perfect accessory for you 99 owners on the way to a part-swap. You’ll have to click here to see it out of respect for the copyright owner, but it’s worthwhile, as is the set it belongs in.

I recently received a link to a company that makes Bar-B-Q stands out the fronts of old cars, too.

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  1. that track-car trailer is a terrible shame.
    don’t you think it seems like some kind of awful injustice done to that fine machine???

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