Saab Singapore crank it up

Saab Singapore recently had the Aero-X stop in and pay a visit, and it seems they’re now ratcheting up a new round of marketing advertisements to follow up on the stir created by the concept car.

They engaged the Grey Group to design the ads. I like their attitude:

“Great facts make great ads,” says Subba Raju, CEO of Grey Group. “Saab has countless innovations, each of them translating into an ad almost by itself. The net takeout of the advertising is that Saabs are remarkable cars, built by smart people and driven by those who appreciate the fact.”

I assume there’ll be more to follow, but this is the first ad shown at the article.

Click to enlarge:


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  1. Wow! That´s a beautiful picture that makes me feel proud of beeing swedish. The Saab J21A fighter in a class of it´s own. Or as stated by pilots back then:
    “pilots appreciated its exceptionally small turning radius and great stall characteristics. It was easy to land and take off, had a comfortable cockpit, and had the best escape system of the time.”…..
    ….Safety, great maneuverabillity, comfort, safety… No wonder Saab cars are what they are. 😉


  2. I just realized that the propellor is in the back of the J21A — does anyone know why it was designed as such? Did that improve handling? If so, it’d be ironic since current Saabs are all FWD. (Not that I mind, cause that would make us more like a BMW.)

  3. Probably an experiment in avionics but it also lets the front have a resonably big cannon in the nose and not only the wings.


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