SAAB story incomplete

I’ve heard of people treating their cars like it was a child, but…..

I received this story via email from Saab Sweden overnight. If there’s a dealer in Phoenix reading this I think it’s your new personal mission to get this family into a Saab (but don’t start on that until you’ve cheered the Suns through the second round of the playoffs, OK? They need you right now). Anyway, to the story:

Good morning

My name is Teresa and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I would like to share with you, what I think is a fun story regarding my four daughters. Beginning with my eldest to youngest, their names are as follows: Sara, Ashley, Alyson and Brianna. In short, they are our little SAAB.

For all of their lives, I have addressed our daughters as the SAAB’s. Every birthday card, letter, greeting, Christmas or holiday card, anniversary cards, postcards, or little love notes, are always signed by my husband and I as “Tom and Teresa and SAAB”. Even our email address’s are: [things with SAAB in them – SW]

We have had these email addresses for years. People read our email address ask me all the time “Teresa, do you own a SAAB?”, and my response is always the same, “yes, I suppose I do.”

Over the years, when our daughters became old enough to read, they suddenly realized that they share their name with your SAAB vehicle. Each time they would see one of your SAAB’s drive by, they would become so excited. It was as if your vehicle connected them to their own lives. They were the SAAB’s……and your vehicle made their name even more popular than they could have ever imagined.

Even though we have never had the pleasure of owning one of your wonderful SAAB cars, my eyes still light up each and every time one passes me on the road. I find myself staring at the emblem, remembering all the fun times I have had with my own “SAAB”.

Our oldest is now 23 years old and our youngest is just 14, but there isn’t a day that goes by when a proud owner of your SAAB passes me on the road. Whenever this happens, I simply turn my head towards their car, and just smile.

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to bring some fun memories into my life as well as my daughters’ lives.

Thank you for your time.

What a great story, one that just needs to be topped off with a vehicle. That way Teresa can be passing others rather than be passed by other Saabs once a day 😉

Thanks Teresa for sharing your story and Saab Sweden for passing it on.

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  1. Living in Phoenix they would have to get into a 9-5, it being the only SAAB model with available optional ventilated seats!

    …and a serious tint job. 🙂

  2. I´ve only got three children. They are called Liam, Sean and Jo-Linn… LSJ… Not a car name… Even though my name is Tom like Teresas husbands. 🙁


  3. My sons’ initials work out to “LA”, which is coincidentally where I live and I didn’t arrange that on purpose.

    My oldest almost got the initials “AMPM”. Don’t ask…

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