Saab Vs – Help Wanted

I already have a large number of Saab Vs ads on file here (and thanks to Jeff I’s hard work, they’ve now all got narrations, too!).

Recently though, I had these emailed through to me and I’d love to know if anyone knows of any large versions of these. It’d be great to add the full size versions to the collection.

If you’ve got full size versions of these and would like to share, then please feel free to email me.








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  1. Can´t Saab Sweden and Saab US supply you wuth this???

    Swade.. You are known extremly well (AND LIKED) by Saab Automobile AB… So what´s the probleeemooo?

    Just ask the museeum staff to help you out.


  2. I might try them while I’m over there, Tom. They’re probably a little busy now to take such a request, though.

    5 comments in half an hour? That date really put a spring in your step, didn’t it?


  3. Pretty much did Swade ;-D

    And I meant the date was Tuesday and not “Today” as I obviously wrote…

    Cheers mate/Tom

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