Saab Vs Katrina – part 2

I just noticed this in comments and it’s a great follow-up to the Saab vs Katrina image I posted over the weekend.

“Saab007” was the dealer at the New Orleans dealership that featured in the Saab Vs Katrina image. He writes in comments:

This dealership (Benson SAAB) was in the process of changing ownership before Katrina hit. After the dealership was destroyed, the local SAAB franchise was awarded to another local dealership, but never reopened.

Meanwhile, a new dealership (Gerry Lane SAAB) had recently opened in the capital city of Baton Rouge, which is currently the only SAAB dealership servicing the Southeastern Louisiana region.

They are located about 80 miles from downtown New Orleans.


Saab007 also has a website with photographs that were taken after the area was declared safe and he was allowed back. I’ve reproduced a couple here. Hit the link to see the rest.

Note the watermarks on the glass of the building:



A 9-7x interior:



9-3 Convertible ruined:


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