Sales Data from….Japan!

I received an email overnight that got me quite excited. It was from a guy named Toshi and Toshi is a 9-2x owner (they’re identifying themselves more and more!).

When he later sent me sales data from Japan I thought maybe we had some sort of special edition Japanese version of the 9-2x hanging around, which wasn’t totally unfeasible given that the base car is Japanese and that the Japanese are customisers extraordinaire….

But it wasn’t to be. Toshi lives in the US but travels back to Japan frequently.


So, our inaugural Japanese sales watch takes shape. The data is a month old and unfortauntely the trend is similar to that we’re seeing in many other markets at the moment. But it’s good to know there’s some Saab nuts in the land of the rising sun.

Sales data as follows:

In March 2007, Saab sold just 50 units in Japan, which was a significant fall in percentage terms from the 77 units sold in the same month in 2006.

Those 50 units made up a pretty big chunk of the YTD sales from January to March, though. For the first three months of 2007, Saab sold a total of 87 vehicles, just over half of the 154 vehicles sold in the first three months of 2006.

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  1. SHOCKING, and I thought Canada was a small market for Saab! At least you can say that in Japan you truly ARE driving something unique, which can be either good or bad.

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