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There was a press event in Frankfurt a short time ago. We heard some news from it in brief at the time, but the guys from Teknikens Varld have posted some more and ctm’s been kind enough to translate a bit for us:


Saab 9-3
– The face-lifted 9-3 will be shown in Trollhättan in June.
– Most exciting is an all-black Saab 9-3 Turbo and that the brand will get AWD.
– Saab hope that this car [the “Black Turbo”?] and a powerful 9-5 [?] will save sales during 2007-2008.

Saab 9-4X
– The sketch in Swedish newspaper Teknikens Värld earlier this year is very close to the truth. Most good looking car ever from Saab.
– With the right engine, it will be a success.
– Will probably be shown as a concept in Detroit 2009 and be presented as the finished product in Frankfurt the same year.

Saab 9-5
Quote: -“Ehh, really hard to take Saab design people for serious after seeing the first pictures on the next generation 9-5 in Frankfurt. The combi was exciting, but the sedan downright ugly. The rumors say that Saab actually will continue working along these lines. If that’s true, one can only hope that the design and market will converge during the two years that are left until the premiere.”


Some thoughts:

The 9-5 comments are especially interesting to me. Firstly, it appears that Saab might be going for something unorthodox, which I don’t necesarily would be right if it were just for the sake of being unorthodox. But the 99 and 900 were pretty unorthdox at the time, so I’m looking forward to see this.

The second interesting thing is that Tekniken’s Varld themselves have posted images on the front of their magazine that they claimed were an insider’s view of the 9-5. I guess they were wrong?


The Black Turbo references, of course, are particularly encouraging.


And the reference to a more powerful 9-5 is intriguing to say the least.

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  1. The 9-5 has to be the epitome of perfection if the Saab name is to exist in five years time. It has to be Audi A6 sized but sporty as hell (like a BMW 5-series) to succeed.

    Personally I think BioPower is NOT the way to go as you get 30pc worse mileage out of a litre of said fuel than you do from regular gasoline. Hydrogen is the way forward and I think this is where Saab needs to be heading.

  2. Hydrogen? Forget it. If you think the infrastructure for ethanol takes time to establish, think 10 times worse (and 10 times more expensive) for hydrogen.

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