Sonett II on Ebay

I don’t normally like to publish car sales too much. This isn’t a classifieds service. But when I had this link passed on to me it just seemed too good to not share.

If anyone’s interested in a pretty rare Saab with minimum mileage then this might be the collector’s item you’ve been looking for. It ain’t cheap, but it’s not supercar price either.

The car is a 1967 Saab Sonett II. It’s a two stroker and here’s the selling point – the odometer reading is sitting still at just 443 miles. If this is genuine then it must be one of the lowest mileage vintage Saabs out there.

Nice to look at, despite the sub-par photos. I really hope it finds a good home. Click to enlarge.


SonettIIEbay1.jpg SonettIIEbay2.jpg SonettIIEbay3.jpg


SonettIIEbay4.jpg SonettIIEbay5.jpg SonettIIEbay6.jpg


Thanks David!

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  1. It’s probably not 443 original miles.

    Here are the comments from Marty Adams on

    “I highly doubt that’s original miles. The interior is not correct for the car. They all were black low back seats(no head rests) with gray carpet and head liners. It also does not have the original radiator in it. It’s still a good price for a 2-stroke sonett. It will probably sell to someone in Europe, they pay high dollars for them.”

  2. Crap, the secrets out. I was trying to keep it to myself;-) FYI, he will email additional photos (which I got), and the engine and head casting numbers are correct for the 66-67 Sonett II per this table:
    If I don’t get it, I hope it goes to someone who appreciates it (Jay Leno?). I’ve gone over my car budget already though. Anyone in the NE Ohio area want to go partners?

  3. As much as I’d love to drive this thing around, I’d decimate a two-stroker in about a week. I’m still waiting for a decent Sonett III to pop up. Every time they do, they’re always in pieces.

  4. Ted: This one is too good to pass up. Go for it!

    Ted: question: it’s missing an ignition wire (or it’s disconnected). That’s not a huge issue to fix, but did this guy do any damage to the car by turning it over without the wire in place? I don’t think that it should, but I can just see oil filling the cylinder and screwing up the head or rings when the engine tries to compress the stuff unless the two stroke always has a valve open??

  5. Eggs,
    You’re probably not reading this anymore, but that’s not a spark plug connector. It’s a ventilation connector. On some 2-cycles, later 96 models anyway, there was poly tubing running from the interior ventilation air intake below the windshield to the distributor to ventilate it. Some models didn’t have it, and I don’t know if the Sonett did, but there are two caps that are interchangeable, one with the vent connector and one without.
    A bigger problem with the 3-cylinder configuration is that the ports are always open on at least one cylinder, and if the engine sits for an extended period of time corrosion can occur.

  6. just to let everyone know…I think the person who did the restoration on this car may have had the ODO reset or may have just installed a new one.I would assume a car with only 443 miles would not need patch work done on the rockers.
    Regardless of the milage – the car is in great shape.
    Chris Bird…owner/seller.

  7. Well, I’m the fellow who bought the Sonett. So far I’ve found out that it was silver, and owned for many years by a fellow in California, who sadly totaled the car. Someone, who’s name I will not list here, bought the car and did a “funds limited restoration” (real limited!) and painted it red. There are very many other “issues” with the car. However I had the chance to drive S/N 0003 for about a year and a half in 68-69 and owned a 69 V-4 for quite a while, so I just wasn’t going to let this go. Yes, if you like to think, I got shafted, but with so few around, it will be a fun project and my wife and I are into it together, happily. Hey, I restored a 1928 Franklin Touring car for about 4X what it’s worth, so why stop being stupid now? Let me know if you are interested in what I find as I dig into it.

  8. Oh, yes, if you have pictures, specs or data, (dare I hope for a maunal?)on the Sonett II, PLEASE let me know. I’m 63 and need to do this work soon!

    Thanks so much!

  9. Just a quick follow up. We now have the car. It runs and drives quite well indeed and we’re very happy with it. This winter we may do some work on the interior as it’s not up to the rest of the car. We will most likely have a reproduction grille made as well.

  10. Keith, thanks for the update. Am very pleased to hear that things are going OK with the Sonett.

    I’ll contact you via email as I’m sure people would be interested in some photos and seeing how the restoration goes.

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