SOTW – Glacier Blue

I haven’t done a Saab O The Week entry in a little while, but when this one crossed my desk I just couldn’t resist.

This comes from Jean-Luc in Luxembourg (and yes, I’m a Star Trek NG fan). Jean-Luc has some thoughts for Saab for the future:

A couple of weeks ago, you asked what the next 9-5 should offer in order to be a hit. May I add two things :

1) a modern diesel engine, coupled to a modern gearbox (6 gears please!)

2) a wide array of modern colors!

How can you still want to drive a silver grey or a dark brown metallic car these days ? It makes me feel like three months of uninterrupted rain ! This is the reason why I had opted for this Glacier Blue color. I am sending you the picture, as it is quite rare up here. I have not so far come across another 9-5 in this color in Luxembourg or any surrounding country.

I’ve never seen that color either. Didn’t even know it was an option. I have to say though, it looks magnificent in this photo.




A little about the car:

I bought my Saab 3.5 years ago. It now has more than 100,000 km and is still in pristine condition. Previously, I have owned each of the 3 top German brands. Compared to at least 2 of them, the Saab is a better car, more robust and less prone to breakdowns. The icing on the cake, however is the excellent service I receive and that is quite a change compared to the obnoxious Mercedes blokes.

A good dealer story is exactly the type of thing we need to hear more of.

Thanks Jean-Luc for the photos and the story. A truly interesting car.


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  1. very nice Jean-Luc, love the colour. I like to see other colours too, saying that I drive a black one, but it’s nice to be differant from the others. are you taking her to sweden?

  2. Is that the same as the light bluish green that was offered on US 9-5s and 9-3s in 04 and/or 05? I’ve seen a few, most recently a 9-5 Aero here in town a few days ago. It’s a unique color.

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