SOTW – May 21

Richo’s been out shooting some Saab pics again.

This appeared in my inbox last night with a few other photos. The email was titled “probably the worst pics I’ve taken….” – a title that might have fit the other three photos in the email (which did look they were taken by mere mortals) but I quite like this one.

This is a 9-3 Anniversary Convertible belonging to a friend of his, Lea.


To view a bit more of Richo’ work, click here to visit his Viggen set on Flickr, or here for his Aero-X set.

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  1. Richo, it’s NOT that bad!

    What we see here is the alternate rim style for the 60th Anniversary, right??

  2. This vert looks stunning, but I don’t think that is Ice Blue, is it?

    Here’s my rant on that color.

    IMHO the Ice Blue looks horrible on anything BUT the verts!

    I saw one each of the 9-5 Sedan, 9-5 Combi, 9-3 Sedan, 9-3 Combi, and 9-3 Vert, and all the others looked distasteful.

    Further, next to the Electric Blue colored Vert (especially with the blue canvas – pure genious!), the Ice Blue looks sub-par.

    I’m confused why they made Ice Blue exclusive to the 60th, and why not a better color. IMHO, they should’ve had the Electric Blue as the exclusive, much like it was for the MY06 20th Anniversary Verts.

    When I ordered my 60th Anniversary Combi, the dealer had NO Ice Blue cars for me to look at. But based on the internet pics I saw, I decided to go with Fusion Blue. My wife and child kept shin-kicking me because they wanted the Ice Blue, but I’m glad I stuck with Fusion!

  3. My bad. It’s a 20th Anniversary convertible from MY06 in Electric Blue, rather than a 60th Anniversary car from 2007.

    Should have made that clearer in the writeup.

  4. Ahh! That explains why it has the 20th Anniv rims and is Electric Blue!

    Still could pass for a 60th on the outside since those are the same ‘alternate’ rims, eh?

  5. I LOVE that blue colour (called Cerulean Blue in the UK).

    In fact, it was the colour I ordered for my next rotation (parents work at GM, so I get to rotate my vehicle every 4-6 months), but unfortunately, the guys messed up my order and ticked the Lime Yellow colour instead 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(.

    I pick up my new Yellow Banana on Thursday 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The next one will DEFINITELY be Cerulean Blue though, and will be the MY ’08 model, will be ordering it in mid June hopefully, once all of the specs of the ’08 models have been released.

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