STM at Anderstorp

The weekend just past saw Swede Team Motor racing once again, this time at Anderstorp Raceway. There’s no race report in as yet, but I think I’ve managed to accurately navigate the SLC Cup website and acquire the results from races held on Sunday, May 20.


The race meetings for the SLC Cup are a little different in that there’s two races going on in one race event. The full day comprises eight hours of racing, but teams are clocked at the three-hour mark and the results at that point comprise the results of the first race.

In the three-hour race at the weekend, STM placed fourth in their class and 13th over all. Their class was won by the Type R Racing Team, whom Anders from STM had noted in his last report possessed a very fast car.

In the longer endurace race, STM managed to lift one place higher. Once again, reliability proved to be the Type R’s undoing and the Diesel 9-3’s strong point. In fact, the Type R team only managed another 15 laps after the three hour event before having to retire. In a testimony to the Diesel 9-3’s longevity and STM’s preparation, they raced the full eight hours, completing 206 laps in all.


I’ll post any more info about the event as it comes to hand.

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  1. During the weekend Team AWR ( also raced, they race in a series called Nordic Supercars in the GT3 class.

    In the GT3 class there are cars like Porsche 911, Lotus Europa, Viper GTS-R and a Saab 9-3 (AWR).

    After these first two races during the weekend there driver Johan Weglin is in forth place in the championship.

    More info on and

    A picture of the Team AWR Saab 9-3.

    To the right in the dust behind the supercars you can see the Saab.

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