Sunday Night Snippets & UK sales

I missed it about a week ago, but UK sales data for April 2007 has been released.

April was a steady month in the UK and Saab sold 1,620 units there compared to 1,611 in April 2006.

Sales for 2007 on a year-to-date basis remain around 1,000 units lower than Jan-Apr 2006.


And while we’re talking sales, I got a note in my inbox from a friend of mine here in Tasmania to say that our local dealership sold 5 cars this weekend. That may not sound like a lot where you come from, but for a small place like Hobart that’s quite exceptional. I hope the rest of Saab’s dealers here in Oz are doing as well. It’ll be a bumper month if they are.

This, of course, is quite possibly the result of the 60th Anniversary sales promotion that’s going on at the moment and was ramped up for the weekend with the offer to pay on road costs, which are typically around $3,000.


Andy Rupert has sold his 900 (again) and the new owner pics it up on Monday. As mentioned previously, he’s looking at a Jaguar as a possible replacement and has re-named his blog accordingly.

It’s now called High Maintenance.


A funny thing happened as I looked at my Flickr feed…..

I saw this very special looking 9-3 Aero and as I gazed at it a little longer I thought “I know that place” and then “I know that car”.

The place was the work place belonging to Jeff B (owner of the silver 9-5 Hirsch here in Oz) and the car was the 9-3 Aero of Steve B, who’s cars have featured here a number of times (the Silver Sled 900 being the most recent).

Steve called in at Jeff’s office today and just for the sake of it, they put Jeff’s 18″ Hirsch rims on Steve’s Aero. They look magnificent. And that’s Jeff’s Viggen in the last shot, too.

Both Jeff and Steve will be part of the Aussie contingent at Saab Festival next month.

The full set of photos from this session is here.







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  1. That’s 5 new one in one weekend? That’s good. I wonder how many an ordinary sized Saab dealership in Sweden (like where I live) sell in a month. 15?

  2. Matt> actually the rotors aren’t on backwards on the Viggen… that is how they came from the Saab factory… both sides are shaped exactly the same.

    Go check out some other Viggen front rotors and you will see.

    I agree it looks funny tho.


  3. I’ve seen a lot of Viggens, and only ones that have been worked on by someone in a rush have looked like that.
    The slots are supposed to direct heat outward, away from the inside of the rotor.

  4. My Viggen rotors are the same. I enquired about this some time ago and was told that on a car like the Viggen it’s not overly important as it’s not high-end high performance.

    And mine have been replaced since I bought the car, too, so they were genuine Saab rotors. Problem is, they’re not directional, all four look exactly the same,so when you put it on the other side of the car it looks like it’s backwards.

    I don’t know if you can order a directional set or not.

  5. Show them my Aero with my local 18″ wheels. They are in par with these 2 magnificent examples. These 9-3s sedans are simply one of (if not the) best ever models that Saab has ever produced. It doesn’t matter that ageing factor they still look as stunning as ever. And if you do what Jeff and Steve have done with their wheels, suspension mods etc etc it’s even better. Swade, you should consider doing the same to your Viggen, you’ll love it even more !!!

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