Swedish sales data – April 2007

Sales data is in from Sweden and it’s better news from there….

Saab sold 2,115 vehicles in the Swedish market in April, which was a fall of 2% from the 2,167 vehicles sold in the same month in 2006.

The Saab 9-5 sold 1,062 units during the month, which was a slight fall from the 1,153 sold in April 2006. Of the 1,062 units sold, 877 were BioPower vehicles and 109 were diesels.

The Saab 9-3 sold just a few less than the 9-5, which is encouraging with the new model on the horizon. There were 1,053 units of the 9-3 sold during April, which represented a small gain on the 1,014 sold in April 2006. Of the total number of 9-3s sold in April, 242 were diesels (4th in market) and 144 were BioPower.

Saab Sweden have sold 7,725 vehicles so far this year, a fall of around 7% on the 8,326 vehicles they’d sold from Jan-April in 2006.


The Saab 9-5 still leads the low emissions market in Sweden and quite handily, which is great news.

I assumed that when the 9-3 BioPower was released that we’d see sales for that model eclipse the 9-5 reasonably quickly. This is only the first full month for the 9-3 BioPower in Sweden, but the 9-5 seems to be holding well with a small number shifting models, but no stampede showing itself just yet.



My thanks to ctm for the data.

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