That Viggen Feeling!

What a great photo!

This is my partner in T-Shirt activities and VERY happy Viggen owner, Ivan, taking some friends for a test drive. Ivan’s only recently acquired the Viggen and obviously, the thrill hasn’t worn off just yet. I’ve had mine for around 20 months and it hasn’t worn off 😉

Photo Credit: Mascher.

The photo was taken at a recent event held by a Saab Club in Hungary. There’s a couple of great galleries here (Ivan) and here (Mascher). It looks like they had a fantastic turnout to what was a weekend-long family event (actually, there’s a photo of a pregnant woman in there I’m surprised there wasn’t a new baby Saab driver born during the event – phew!).

I’ve pulled a couple of the pics taken by Ivan’s girlfriend for display below, including a great looking dual-exhaust 900 Convertible. Never seen that before!

Click to enlarge.







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  1. I’m with you. I’ve had mine for over 3 years now and I love every second of it, apart from the climate control losing its display…. 🙁

  2. mo,
    The Viggen has a normal suspension, no lowering.

    The convertible is the “presidental Saab” owned by Ákos Égő, the chairman of the club and has some special mods, like the dual exhaust, brand new special leather-like tan interior, brand new canvas roof, Goodridge metal brake piplines, and large chromed alloy wheels.

    The pregnant woman is his wife and she will born twin baby boys soon!

  3. Twins?

    Is that all? It looks like she has an entire football team in there!

    Only kidding. She looks fantastic as all expectant mothers do. Please pass on my best wishes.

  4. The viggen looks low probably because it has 4 passengers at the moment 🙂 Mine was even lower when I moved 40m2 of laminated chipboard floortiles + 3 people … freaking shopping hatch, btw bring it back! But since I got full Koni kit (thats since last week) this will probably not be possible.

    Ivan: what are the wheels you are running ? And whats your feedback on them. Yesterday I had finally fitted the summer tires on original rims, 2 of them were repaired in winter. But they balanced really bad with tires, so its their last season for me (i’ll keep them for show and polish them in free time).
    So I’m open for the replacement options. Anybody selling good Hirsh 17″ rims … cheap ? 😉

  5. Papluh,
    The wheels are 16″ Rondell alloy wheels. Unfortunately, I can’t compare it because I’ve bought the Viggen with these wheels so i haven’t tried it with another one.
    I use GoodYear HydraGrip 205/55 R16 91V tyres. It’s a little bit higher than the factory standard which is 205/50.
    The minor roads are terrible around Budapest (and also inner city), so I need this option to protect the wheels more and make the ride a bit more comfortable.
    I have very positive experiences with this configuration, I used it in some emergency situations, high speed cornering, high speed overtaking in heavy rain, and it was very safe in each situations, especially driving in rainy weather.

  6. Ivan: I’m using the 215/45 17″ for summer and 205/50 16″ for winter. If I remember the 205/55 is closer to the 17″ in diameter then the recommended, but for winter the extra clearance can be used for snow chains when on ski trips – my viggen is allrounder.

    This is viggen before and after koni set, looks a little strange on 16″

    Anyway next week I’ll take to Sweden one more storage card just for wheel shots 🙂
    BTW: are any you guys from Hungary going there ?

  7. Ivan,
    I really enjoyed your pictures!
    1. Nice looking Viggen!
    2. Nice looking passenger!
    3. I think that blue 900 turbo convertible turned my head – beautiful!
    4. I lived for 7 years in Austria, 4 of those years in Burgenland, near the Neusiedlersee. Often I would look over the lake to see Hungary and hear of the occasional escapes of Hungarians through the shallow waters. I left there 29 years ago and have not been able to go back since. Your pictures brought back nice memories of the land…and the goulash (that WAS Hungarian goulash, wasn’t it?) was never better than over there!
    Thank you for posting your pictures.

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