The wheels maketh the car

Time for some more subtle mods here during the month of Saab mod lovin.

I see a lot of Saabs going around that look, well….a little plain. Occasionally you see one driving by that looks totally normal except for a certain something that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Until it stops.

For a lot of Saabs, for a lot of cars, actually, the one thing the owner can do to make them look a lot smarter is a new set of wheels. And I’ve always thought that Saab owners are pretty fortunate because Saab have always had darn good wheels.

It’s a little like living here in Hobart. It’s a city surrounded by hills so it’d be a pity if you didn’t have a view of something. With so many good Saab wheels out there, it’d be a shame if you didn’t have some of them making your car look a little cooler.

Here’s a case in point. A before and after shot of Paul H’s 9-5 wagon.




Above is the car with standard wheels. They’re still alloys and OK, but it looks so much better with the addition of these 17″ Aero wheels and a pair of foglights.




Here’s a wheel tip for you, and another reason why it’d be a good idea to make good friends with your local Saab dealer.

If someone buys a Saab and opts for a wheel upgrade, the car still ships with the original wheels, which the dealer then swaps for the upgraded wheels. The dealer can then sell the original wheels, making a little more on the car.

If you’ve got an older Saab with a set of 15″ or 16″ wheels, it may well look better with some more modern wheels. Even my Viggen looked OK with a set of 16s from a new 9-3 while I was getting my wheels painted.

Get to know your dealer well and maybe a set of these wheels might come your way. You may not get them for nothing, but you could get a decent discount on buying them new. They’ll still be Saab originals, and you get an updated look.

Grins all round.

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  1. Totally agree, 15inch Aero wheels look ok on c900 Aeros but, put some 16inch Super Aeros or 16inch Aeros and it totally changes the car appearance of the car.


  2. Wait a minute then – If you order a car and upgrade to the premium 17″, the car still comes with the 16″.

    Aren’t you entitled to them as you payed for them?

    Shouldn’t the dealer pay YOU for them?

  3. I’m afraid that it’s only in Australia that upgraded wheels are dealer installed. In other parts of the world, upgraded wheels just come straight from the factory (except the accessoirie-wheels, off course).

  4. My car’s appearance completely transforms when switching between the all-season tires on 16″ Aeros and the 15″ Nokian snowtires on the 15″ sunbursts wheels. The Aeros are pure SAAB !

  5. The wheels department is an area where any cars let alone Saabs can either make it or break it. The fact that the 9-5 series today still has 16′ and 17′ on the Aero is simply unforgivable. When the range is struggling so much, wouldn’t it be wise to lift the buyers appeal by adding well designed 17, 18 and option to 19′ ??? Again, our main competitors have this why not Saab ??? It’s like not opening your umbrella when the rain is pouring down !!! The Aero X styled wheels have to be adapted and released ASAP.

  6. Apparently, my car has “Short Spoke” wheels, but every example of these I can find on the internet looks totally different than the ones on my car. I love my wheels, from about 10 feet, it looks like the hubcap isn’t actually connected to the wheel, and it’s just floating in there. I just wish they weren’t so beat up.

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