The wheels maketh the car – part II – maybe

From my Saab feed on Flickr….

The jury’s still out in my mind on this one. See, I like the 7-spoke wheels on this 99, but somehow this shot just hasn’t done it for me. It it the angle, does the car need a front spoiler, is the paint color?

But I like the wheels, and I have a feeling that if the photographer could have got front on and less elevated then this 99 would be looking pretty darn good right now.

Again, the wheels maketh the car.


Photo by hugo610.


This is the month where we’re showing some love to modified Saabs. If you’ve got a modified Saab then feel free to drop me a line and shoot through some photos.

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  1. Ah the wagon back! But It does have a front spoiler…

    This car would look best with the Minilite (or Shelby) wheel, with a close second being the standard EMS wheel.

    Generally I don’t like modern wheels on older cars (with some exceptions).

  2. Could someone tell, has Saab offered a canvas sunroof to the 99, which the car seems to have ? (or is that an aftermarket item, Webasto or other ?)
    Nice car.

  3. Love the colour (very 70’s)and the car of course. Looks to me like a ’74. I don’t like the wheels though and agree with David that minilite style 8-spokes would look much better. More authentic too.

    Not sure about the rest of the world but I have a price list from Sydney dated Dec 1973 that lists a vinyl sun roof as an option for $365. Presumably dealer fitted. That was quite a lot when you consider that an EMS was $6156.55 on the road.

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