Thursday Snippets

On the weekend I installed some new Philips H4 bulbs onto the Viggen. Excellent stuff!

On Monday I had to travel north to attend a family funeral. After staying there for dinner with my mother and sister, I had to drive back in evening – a 200km journey including a very foggy 50km or so near the beginning.

The lamps were fantastic. A whiter light and noticeably better visibility. Highly recommended if you’re in a bulb changing mood.

And just how many Saabisti does it take to change a light bulb?


There’s been a fair bit of 9-7x discussion here in the last 24 hours. For those of you that might be interested, the 1:43 scale model 9-7x is coming out soon and Ryan has some initial photos of it. Looks good, and it’s easy on the juice, too.


Non-Saab related Snippet #1:

Two Chevy fuel cell vehicles travelled 300 miles yesterday on one tank (each) of hydrogen fuel. This was done through ordinary traffic and included some hill climbing sections. The GM version is all good news, but I preferred the non-marketed AutoblogGreen version.

From all accounts it appears to be a very successful day and a step forward for fuel cell technology. Recommended reading.


Non-Saab related Snippet #2:

Audi have released an online TV channel. There’s some time-wasting drivel there, but there’s also some very good stuff.

If only Saab had the budget. I know of a few people that would be more than happy to spend their days creating the content.


Robin M, in the UK, has made his own flouro door sills for his 9-5 SportWagon. I think Robin’s been working on a few customisations in preparation for his drive to Sweden next month for the Saab Festival.

I look forward to seeing it. These photos were picked up on my Flickr feed.

I decided long ago I wanted neons in the door kick panel which lit up with the door lights, finally done it. The only thing I will change is the direction of the sticker and have the writing facing out.

Click to enlarge a little. Robin’s 9-5 Flickr set is here.

9-5Neons1.jpg 9-5Neons2.jpg


And another Flickr set you might want to take a peek at…..

It appears there may have been an event for journalists or customers in Germany recently. Maybe a 60th Anniversary gig or something (I’m totally guessing here). There’s some great shots from a Hirsch display at this Flickr set, but the most intriguing shot is this one…


This green Sonett was the subject of a limited-run book a year or so ago. This car was thought to be lost for some years but had been sold and rebuilt by its then-owner into a very different car, before being bought by a German doctor who has since restored it to full original condition again. Given that there were only six made, it’s a very important car and all the more so for nearly being lost all together.

It’d be a privelege to drive any of these rare machines.

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  1. It only takes one Saabist to change a lightbulb, but he really wishes he could be using one of the older lightbulbs. They were better.


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