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Anyone looking for custom Saab T-Shirt design should contact Ivan and he’ll whip up something for you in around a week.


I’m pleased to announce that the Trollhattan Saab BRING BACK THE HATCH shirt is now available from the US Spreadshirt shop. It should be available from the European shop soon.

Wear them with pride, preferably at the various Saab festivals coming soon.

Here’s the design in detail, though the print has been made one color only (i.e. no red) to keep the price lower:


It’s available in the full range of shirts including lightweight, heavyweight and organic cotton.

Click here to visit the US and Asia shop.

Click here to visit the European shop.


In other T-shirt news, I’m pleased announce that Ivan (Muz-X) has also opened a T-shirt shop called SaabDesign.

Ivan’s the guy who draws and formats the TS shirts, but being the avid Saab nut that he is he’s also come up with a bunch more. Click the picture below to enlarge and take a closer look at the various designs he’s come up with so far.

Click here to visit the SaabDesign US shop

Click here to visit the SaabDesign Europe shop.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for these shirts but now that they’re out, I gotta say I’m kind of let down…the picture is fine, but the words look too cartoony…I’ll probably get one anyway.

  2. Great shirt, Swade, but your exploitation of my Saab pride is bankrupting me! 🙂

    PS – I am wearing my trollhattansaab.net Viggen shirt this very moment.

  3. I would prefer the “Bring back the hatch” design said “Bring back the Combi Coupe”. I don’t like hatchbacks, had one once (81 VW), not much better than a coupe, and an ugly word to boot.
    Saab never made a hatchback except for the Sonett III. Saab made Combi Coupes which are different than a hatchback:
    I hereby encourage all Saab faithful to banish the word “hatchback” in reference to Saabs—unless it’s a sports car. I say “Bring back the Combi Coupe!”

  4. I would like to see a shirt with just the snarling griffin on it, i’ve been looking for one for a long time.

  5. Hi folks,
    Any custom request is welcome (send mail to saabdesignshop@gmail.com). I can produce it within 1 week.
    If Swade give me his permission to reproduce the design with the mentioned modifications for him, or maybe it could be in my shop too, again, only if Swade agrees.

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