T-Shirt Update

It’s been a few weeks since I did a T-shirt update and there’s some big news in the T-shirt department (well, it’s big news for us, at least).

I’m pleased to announce that Ivan and I have combined our shops into one big Saab T-Shirt store offering you a huge range of Saab-inspired designs to choose from. The shirts are made by a company called Spreadshirt and they are top shelf quality. The print is vibrant and long-lasting and the shirts themselves are available in a huge variety of styles.

I can’t resist publishing this little testimonial from Robin M, in comments:

I can vouch for the fact that they are top quality and wash very well. we have 6 in the house now, 3 of Swade’s and 3 of Ivans. I’ll be ordering some more soon, we are that happy with them.

We have shops based in both Europe and the United States and most designs are available in both shops.

Click here to visit the European shop.

Click here to visit the US shop (Asia and Aust too).

Below is the range of designs currently available. As you can see, it’s huge. If you see a design you like and it’s not on a garment that you want, then all you need to do is email me and let me know. We can set it up with no problems.

Ivan’s also available to do custom designs as well. Just shoot him an email.


TSviggenspr.gif UrSaabTSspr.gif 900TSspr.gif


9-3convspr.gif 9-3SCspr.gif 9-3SSspr.gif


9-3Vigspr.gif 9-5sedspr.gif 9-5smlspr.gif


9-5wagonspr.gif 92largespr.gif 92medEUonlyspr.gif


900convspr.gif 900frontEUonlyspr.gif 900silSPr.gif


A_Xbackspr.gif A_Xfrspr.gif addictionspr.gif


Aero-XEUonlyspr.gif AnnivEUonlyspr.gif depressionspr.gif


GMfreespr.gif grifBWspr.gif GrifColorspr.gif


iConvertiblespr.gif NGconvEUonlyspr.gif Saab900spr.gif


Saab9000spr.gif Saabmarinespr.gif SaabnGospr.gif


SaabolutionEUonlyspr.gif Saabway.gif Turboguagespr.gif


Click here to visit the European shop.

Click here to visit the US shop.

Asian and Australian shoppers are advised that the US shop is probably the best one to use for minimising delivery costs.


Please note:

The designs you see above are shown as colors on white, however this is for display purposes. We have complete control over the design colors and there’s plenty of dark shirts available with light colored prints.

See the example below:

SaabolutionEUonlyspr.gif ———->>> SaabolutionTee.jpg

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  1. Hi,

    The link for the European shop does not seem to be working.

    CAM, thanks for the heads-up. Refresh your page and it should be fixed now.


  2. I can vouch for the fact that they are top quality and wash very well. we have 6 in the house now, 3 of Swade’s and 3 of Ivans. I’ll be ordering some more soon we are that happy with them.

  3. Ooooooh, I like the turbo and current 9-3 convertible ones, I’m actually wearing my first shirt today :), they are very good quality and yes, they do wash well as well :).

    Think I will be ordering a few more then šŸ™‚

  4. A large portion of my decision to buy TS shirts was because some of the funds went to the Send Swade to Sweden fund. Is that campaign now over? Will any of the proceeds to to supporting the site?

  5. Gripen,
    Don’t worry. If you buy any TS-Shirts, the comission will support TS site completely.
    The TS section is totally Swade’s business, we are just sharing the resources to cut the costs and offer bigger selection of Saab stuff.

  6. I know, Jacco, I know. There will be 99 graphics, too. Just give me some more time… Spreadshirt checks all submitted designs individually and some of them are accepted, some others are rejected. I need more time to create all important models.

  7. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but I’m just flat out SICK of seeing the Aero-X.
    It was neat when it was first shown, but now it’s just an eyesore.

  8. Matt, that’s the last thing SAAB needs: its fans to be tired of overexposure of the Aero-X. SAAB is banking EVERYTHING on the Aero-X styling for the foreseeable future. Every SAAB design through at least early next decade is slated to adopt the Aero-X “design language”. If you’re a SAAB fan, I sure hope you like the Aero-X because that’s what you’re going to get!

  9. Mike, the shirts are now in a phase where we’re just trying to provide a product that people might want to wear to promote the brand and they’re enjoyment of it. There is still a margin on the shirts, which for my part will go towards defraying the costs of running the site, and for Ivan’s part, will hopefully reward him for the work put in to design them.

    There’s a reasonable cost for having a “premium” Spreadshirt shop, too, which is essential to being able to offer such a variety.

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