US sales data – April 2007

The US data for April 2007 is in.

Once again it’s a less than ideal story. Please keep in mind though, that it’s the percentages that tell the real story here rather than the raw numbers due to the fact that there were 2 less selling days in April this year compared with April 2006.


Saab sold 2,350 vehicles during April 2007, which represented a 19% fall from the 3,144 vehicles sold in the same month in 2006.

So far in 2007, Saab USA have sold 9,770 vehicles, which is a fall of 14% against the 11,366 vehicles they sold from Jan-April in 2006.

By models:

Saab 9-2x – 9 units sold in April 2007 vs 80 units sold in April 2006. A fall of 87.8% which is immaterial as model stocks are down to the dregs as it’s phased out. There’s been 90 units of the 9-2x sold this year.


Saab 9-3 – 1,738 units sold in April 2007 vs 2,144 units sold in April 2006. A fall of 12.2% year-on-year. Clearly, with only a month go now before the unveiling, there’s some people waiting to see the 2008 model before committing. There’s been 6,613 units of the 9-3 sold so far this year, compared to 7,909 units for the same period in 2006, a fall of 16.4%.


Saab 9-5 – 250 units sold in April 2007 vs 406 units sold in April 2006. A fall of 33%. This is a real worry and Saab are going to have to pour some dollars into marketing this car soon. Perhaps now, in the lull before the new 9-3, might hve been a good time. There’s been 1,342 units of the 9-5 sold so far this year, compared to 1,362 for the same period in 2006, a fall of 1.5%. It’s steady over all, but it’s a small base and should ideally be grown rather than just maintained – shouldn’t it?


Saab 9-7x – 353 units sold in April 2007 vs 506 units sold in April 2006. A fall of around 25%. Again, this is a real worry. The 9-7x has rarely had a sales fall in it’s short history and I’m guessing it’s never had one this big in the few falls it’s experienced. There’s been 1,725 units of the 9-7x sold so far this year, compared to 1,813 units for the same period in 2006, a fall of 4.9%.

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  1. A large problem with the decline in sales for the 95 and the 97 is that the margins on those vehicles are much higher.

    Re the 95 – it has already been said before. There is not much difference in size between the 93 and 95, which I think hurt sales alot. You loose the customer becuase he/she has no where to go.

    Does anyone know how the market went?

  2. Ok, here we go. The total market down around 11%, with ford being worst of with a 13% decrease, and GM down 10%. Even Toyota and the other japanese manufacturers suffered.

    Does not make it better, but at least explain a thing or two. Hopefully we will see better european sales data, especially as sales of the 9-3 ethanol starts to take of, which is being subsidized in sweden.

  3. Yes.. Strange…

    A few reflections. Buick down 28% – did they not recently get lots of new products? Maybe dissapointment that they lost their old boss 😉

    Saturn and GMC up – I bet that is because of the introduction of the new SUVs.

    The new 9-5 can not come any sooner.

  4. I haven’t looked at the CNN article, but I know the Autoblog summary takes into account the reduced number of sales days in the month, which is significant for April as it was 2 days difference (24 sales days in 2007 vs 26 sales days in 2006).

    Perhaps CNN are writing about the raw numbers rather than the daily sales rate, which is a more accurate figure.

  5. Not to overreact, but this is very disconcerting news when looking at the numbers at that autoblog link.

    All of SAAB’s competitors (AUDI, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, MBZ, and VW) were up with only Ovlov and Acura being down. Even semi-competitor Cadillac was up.

    HUMMER was down. Didn’t see that coming. [rolls eyes]

    SAAB needs new product BADLY. It’s stagnating in the market. The 9-3 refresh had better be more than just marginally better than the current model if SAAB wants to hold-on until ’09 when they get some fresh product. Then when that product comes it had better be DARNED good. I really see the next few years as determining SAAB’s future and it’s not looking so good right now, unfortunately. Let’s hope SAAB blows us away next month with the 9-3 MCE!!!

  6. Sorry, forgot to add:

    I’m really worried that SAAB USA’s new boss just came from the biggest loser. I’m sure it’s not all his fault, but he’s the guy in charge so the buck stops there. Is this what we get to look forward to with SAAB? At least Jay Spenchian came from Cadillac after much success. [rolls eyes again]

  7. With a 19% fall in Saab sales compared to an increase in AUDI, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus and Benz, does anyone here truly believe we are “competing” with any of these brands? 250 9-5’s? That’s a regional number, right? No?

    I just returned from a youth baseball game with a final score of 14-1. We lost. It was almost as painful as these sales numbers. Overheard the coaches talking about getting back to basics. Hmmmmmm…..novel idea.

  8. There’s no sense to pour money into 9-5 marketing, its fine but simply old product. Money should go into R&D.

    Also it should be wise to save ad money for future new products, like 9-4.

  9. A day late and a buck short. Saab’s product line is stagnate, and continues to follow the leaders. With new cars years away, our favorite brand may be months away from closing shop. I say, give the saab loyalist what they want, and stop trying to appeal to the mass with cars like 9-2x and the 9-7. Oh and make sure the 9-3 distinguishes itself from the 9-5. They are the bloody same car, class whatever. Sorry for the rant.

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