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The headline is Volvo Stays True To Its Roots.

But we all know that Saab do the sporting stuff (and the safety).

Ovlov are hiring a new agent to market their safety heritage a bit harder, if that’s at all possible. As the article notes, here’s a lot of manufactirers out there now doing safety very well indeed.

I certainly think it wouldn’t hurt Saab to note their safety credentials a little more, but their cred as a sporting european car with excellent utility, safety and environmental responsibility is where I think the future lies.


Ryan notes that registrations for the 2007 SOC are now open.

The SOC is taking place in Troy, Michigan and being the 60th it’s sure to be a hoot.

Ryan’s also doing a bit of a retrospective on prior SOCs at the moment and those of you that have been to a few may want to head on over, pull up a stool and reminisce.

The SOC registrations website is here.


SOC organisers have also prepared a range of apparel, available through Cafepress. I believe they’re doing stuff for humans, too.



There’s a recall notice covered in The Montreal Gazette.

A series of Saabs dating back to 2000 also have fuel pump problems serious enough for General Motors to recall about 4,500 vehicles.

According to Transport Canada, the fuel pump retaining tabs were damaged during production on the 2000-2003 9-3 convertibles, 2002 9-3 sedans and wagons, and the 2001-2005 9-5 sedans and wagons. Dealers will install a bracket that will secure the fuel lines to the fuel pump.

Owners of vehicles from those years might want to check this out. It’s a little weird that The Montreal Gazette is the first place we’re hearing about this.


Car and Driver have published a comparo with the 9-3 Convertible going against an Audi, BMW, VW and Volvo. It’s yet to be linked online as far as I know but is in the latest print edition.


AutoblogGreen have a good summary article on the joint venture hybrid system that GM have developed in conjunction with BMW and DCX.

9-4x anyone?

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  1. No, it’s not the first place by far. I recall reading it earlier from other sources (Saabnet and others). It also seems that Saab Canada did send out recall notifications in the mail – we have some local members who had this fix done recently.

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