Weekly T-Shirt Update

Ivan’s been busy once again, producing T-shirt designs for Saab nuts worldwide.

Of course, right now the focus is on the MY2008 Saab 9-3 range, and Ivan’s on top of all that, too…..


…..though if you’re feeling a bit more old school, and someone special has a space in her wardrobe that’ll fit, then maybe this is more your thing:


There’s 134 different products in the European store right now. Multiple designs on shirts (and undies) of different colors.

The US store has a huge 164 different products.

And if you can’t find something you like, Ivan will even do a custom design for you. Click here to email him.

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  1. Well, depending on who’s wearing it, the thong could function as a boost gauge, of a different sort.


  2. Eggsngritts,
    Login the site, check the bottom of the page. Under “Service” you can find “My orders” Click it, it brings you to the orders page, select the order and wait until it loads the details, there you can find “Cancel”

  3. Hey Swade, please please please don’t post the inevitable picture eggs will send you modeling his new TS purchase! 😉

  4. Gripen,
    Grits wouldn’t really take a picture of himself in the thong and THEN return it, would he?
    Grits, have you no shame?
    ( C;

  5. LOL! Good exchange, all.

    For the record:

    1. Boxers most definitely (probably TMI)
    2. Gripen: I have photos of you that can be ‘shopped,
    3. You couldn’t HANDLE the photo if I were to model the thong, and,
    4. The funniest part is that Ivan thought I was for real!

  6. Sheesh, look what I’ve done starting this thread :-O

    It’s almost as silly as a typical thread in the SaabCentral Lounge forum 😉

  7. Eggs,
    I was a bit suspicious but you know, the customer is always right. 🙂
    I don’t judge your preferences, if any chance that it was for real, I have to help you. 🙂

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