Where is Steve Shannon?

Just over a month ago, on April 16, Steve Shannon replaced Jay Spenchian as General Manager of Saab USA.

A short time later, he posted an introductory message on GM’s Fastlane weblog and it was related to me that he’d received some of the welcome messages that had been posted on this site and others.

From then until now, there’s been barely a word from him. On Monday he was quoted as confirming the XWD system in the new 9-3 SportCombi for early in 2008, but the article barely mentioned where he was or what he was doing.

On April 23 I posted an article here on the site called Dear Steve, where I invited your comments, thoughts and questions with the knowledge in mind that Steve would likely be presented with them.

Around the same time I also emailed him a bunch of questions through a contact at SaabUSA. Here’s what I emailed him:

Congratulations on your appointment to Saab USA, and on behalf of the wider Saab community, thanks for your candid opening correspondence via the Fastlane weblog.

Saab, as you may be aware, has a very active following online. There’s several internet forums that are well patronised, as well as a few blogs in different countries, one of which is run by me – Trollhattan Saab. The site has a reasonably substantial readership, attracting around 4,000 people per day, many of whom are from the United States.

I was hoping you’d be agreeable to answering a few questions so that people can get a feel for you and how you’re seeing things.

1. It’s early in your time with Saab, but what’s the feel you’ve got for the brand and its current position there so far?

2. You mention that Born From Jets is a terrific campaign. What are your early thoughts about where it can be taken? What’s next for Born From Jets?

3. What’s been your personal history with Saab?

4. Have you had a chance to drive all the current Saab range over there? And if so, which one are you favouring for your personal ride?

5. What were your highlights at Buick over the last couple of years?

6. Will you be venturing over to Sweden in June for the 60th Anniversary festivities? I can’t think of a better way to get familiar.

I figure the fewer questions at this point, the better the chances of receiving an answer. So I’ll leave it at that.

Again, congratulations and I hope the road rises to meet you.

Of course, Steve owes this site no obligation whatsoever. I’m sure he’s got his hands full getting acquainted with the product lineup and the dealers and everything else that comes with the job, but it’d be nice to hear something in response.

Or just something.

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  1. Hopefully he’s not gone buying cigarettes 😉

    I guess he is extremly busy in getting to know all the new stuff and content related to Saab this year.

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