Who mods in Cali?

I got an email in from an excited Rick T this morning. And so it goes:

Fantastic idea for the modified SAAB theme this month… I am finally ready to take the plunge and upgrade my 9-5, but am looking for a reputable shop in Los Angeles. I thought this might be a great way to support the local dealers and shops by asking site readers for info and for upgrade recommendations.

Am I missing something, and is this already on the site? Since Saab is a smaller brand, it is sometimes a bit more difficult to find worthy upgrades and shops in the local areas.

I am looking for a place in the Los Angeles area.

So, Angelenos, is there any help available for Rick in the LA area?

I’m tending to think that if Rick wants to source his go-faster bits in the US he may have to shop elsewhere and have the installations done by a good local guy.

Genuine Saab do their own performance bits and are an agent for Nordic. They’re in Missouri.

There’s also Jak Stoll, who’s in North Carolina.

Group 9 Performance are located in New Jersey and appear to have some tie-in with MapTun.

I’m not up to date with how many tuners there are located in the US, so any other advice would be appreciated, by me and by Rick.

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  1. rick, are you mechanically inclined? Many bolt on items such as intake, anti-roll bars, and such, are easily done at home. I’m in SD, if you want help installing stuff I’d be more than willing to lend a hand :).

    Unfortunately there are no Saab tuners based in Cali. If you want to pay a mechanic to install parts, Walter Wong in LA is probably more than qualified.

    What do you want to do to your car?

  2. Try giving the Swedish Car Clinic a call, they’ve done excellent work on my friend’s ’86 9000 turbo. He’s never had any mods done, but depending on the extent of what you want, they may be able to help. They certainly have the ability to do some interesting things, considering as how I was once out back in the shop and came upon a Volvo 240 wagon that the proprietor had just finished converting into a pickup truck for fun (you had to see it to believe it). If you have a soft spot for Swedish cars, the place is worth a visit just to check it out and have a chat. Those fellows really know their stuff and the blue and gold livery is something else!
    The shop is near the 110 Freeway in Harbor City, their website can give you all the particulars:

    Good luck!

  3. Lemme know if you guys know of a shop in central cali. Missed SQR’s tuning session in San Jose last month, looking to get some ECU work done. If any of you tuners out there can help let me know.

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