2008 Saab 9-3 Bling

Interesting pickup here from Marcus W.

This pic has been taken from the Saab International site and also features in the new brochure for the MY2008 9-3 (in the UK at least).


I just tried the “Build Your Saab” section of the site and I couldn’t get those blinged-up side mirrors no matter what I tried.

They don’t show up on the Aero and there’s no check-box in the exterior options area of the build page.

Very interesting. I’m not sure they’re for me, but I know some people will be after them. Kaz?

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  1. I went on a test drive of an 07 9-3ss aero today. 6spd. I never knew that 6spd tranny was made in sweden, it liked it a lot it was very smooth. Anyway, during the test drive I started nagging the sales guy about 2008 stuff and the first answer was ‘don’t know yet’. Later he said 280 hp version will come later and when I asked about a possible 320hp version he said ‘maybe in the coming years’. And it’d still be called an ‘aero’ but will be a ‘very different setup’. Also 9-4 will come ‘in a few years’.

  2. I don’t care much for the blinged-out mirrors, otherwise I think the car looks very attractive, including the wheelset…

  3. This is the only shot of the new body style that I have seen that actually looks “good”. The doors definitely look better in the darker color. Can take of leave the mirrors but that color from that angle does look very very sharp. Those wheels look like 19’s or bigger. Does saab make any rims bigger than 18’s ?

  4. Autosalon here we come…..Horrid looking thing, i can hear the rear number plate vibrating from the doof doof as i type. Fully hektic bro.

  5. Those wheels are the new V-Spoke 18″ jobbies.

    As for the mirrors, yes please!!

    But I’m a little miffed at not having the time to get there first :(. Been so busy sorting out a new contract (which is now sorted), buying a new house, and preparing for the arrival of mini Kaz (or indeed Kaz-ette) who should be introducing themselves to the world in October.

    Time, alas, waits for noone.

  6. This picture is my wallpaper. This car looks so hot in black with the ‘blinged out’ mirrors. Ill take a Snow Silver one with ‘bling’ please!

    I havent been this pumped since I say the original 9-3 sedan – just love the new look!

    zippy 🙂

  7. This is NOT a picture from the UK Preview brochure. I have one on my desk now and the mirrors on that picture are black. But it is on Saab.com

  8. Swade,i’ve re-read by new 9-3 brochure and remembered this picture with the silver mirrors. the same picture is in the new brochure but with black mirrors, can only guess the alu mirrors wont be coming here for a while. are you geting emails? robin.

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